Cost Effective Tiles to Make Your Kitchen Luxurious

If there is one room in the house which needs to be completely pristine, it would be the kitchen. Whether you are looking to entertain, or want to make your house look more appealing to potential buyers, the kitchen should have the most up to date and chic look so that it has a feel of being expensive and modern. The most popular layout for a kitchen in the world today is open-plan, which means that there are no doors to the kitchen, and encourages easier exit and entry, as well as allowing more light to shine through. In this article, we’ll look at some ways you can add to your kitchen’s look using kitchen tiles to give it that extra edge.


Kitchen Tiles

First and foremost, the kitchen tiles design must be carefully thought through, placed and arranged so that it not only matches your kitchen, but it also gives it an added feel of luxe that is crucial to the appearance of an expensively designed kitchen. You can do this one of many ways, but we will focus on two different concepts:


There are many ways you can make tiling look interesting. By adding something special to your cooking space, tiles that make a statement could be the difference between amazing your potential buyer or visitor and not. Tiles that are slim and have a slate effect help to elevate cabinets that are rather simple or relatively boring, into an attention-grabbing piece with very little money or presence. For those that are on a budget and don’t want to splurge on an entire wall, you can use only a few tiles to act as a backsplash behind the stove and match it with a painted wall.


Another way tiles can be used is more direct, and usually thought of first before the above-mentioned methods. In a more compact space kitchen where you have lots of light, it can be tempting to install plain white kitchen tiles, however adding in a marble or a porcelain type of tile, (or even intermingling this type into the plain white backsplash, counter or floor) will add the luxurious edge needed to make the kitchen look more modern and reflect more light into the room. This has the added effect of illuminating the kitchen so that you don’t have to break the bank in order for expensive light effects to brighten your kitchen.

For the above methods to work, you will need to ultimately consider what type of tile will work in your kitchen space. Perhaps ceramic or marble is not correct for your kitchen, and you need more dashes of colour. Tiles such as glittery mosaic design, back painted glass, and other ceramic patterns can all serve the crucial effect of drawing the eye to the design and away from other parts of the kitchen that have traditional white tiles.

Get Creative!

The above methods are only suggestions that we hope will help you in a general way, but their ultimate goal is to inspire further thought at the endless possibilities you can apply to not only arrange the tiles but also the kitchen. Rather than only focusing on the design, type and colour of the tile, the clever mind also thinks about the positioning of the tile to make the room seem bigger, brighter and maybe draw attention from any possible damage or bland looking corner of the space. We wish you luck, and hope this given you some ideas.


Kathryn is a home and interiors blogger, writing on behalf of the UK’s largest tile companies UK Tile Sales. Kathryn has interests in interiors, lifestyle and travel.


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