Accessorising your bedroom

When you want to perk up the appearance of your bedroom, but don’t want to redecorate from scratch, you can always think about accessorising. No matter what type of bedroom space you have, accessories can add a touch of personality and class to your home. When it comes to buying accessories for your bedroom, there’s lots of choice out there, but putting things together takes a bit of thought.

Adding personality to your room can make a big difference. Here are some tips and tricks to help you create a bedroom space that you’ll love:


Incorporate Prints Smartly

Prints are not just meant for your bed-sheets, but can be incorporated in a number of creative and fun ways. You can choose printed or patterned accents for that lampshade or pick printed upholstery for your sofa or bed. And if you want to add prints in a unique manner, think about patterned picture frames and place them on light coloured walls.


Start with a Rug

A rug can be the centrepiece in your room with other decoration items revolving around it. Therefore, if you’re decorating your room with new accessories, make sure you pick a rug first. The rug you choose can be glamorous or have a dominant style, or can be more neutral depending on your taste. Personally, I’d say avoid boring colours in rugs and pick one that combines a subtle colour with a bold one.

Focus on the Walls

The walls of your bedroom act as a big canvas that can be decorated in any way you desire. Empty walls lack charm which is why it is important to decorate them with the right accessories. You can pick unusual art pieces, mirrors, or picture frames for one of the walls of your bedroom. And if you are in the mood to make your bedroom look unique, buy adjustable lamps that get fixed onto the wall, or think about a rich fabric covering to add warmth to the room. You can either heavily decorate one wall of your bedroom with frames, paintings, lamps, and more, or you can minimally decorate the wall with a couple of frames only, depending on the wall covering you choose.

A heavy wall is great when your room is decorated lightly and a light wall is ideal when the room is decorated heavily.


Use Pop of Colours

When going out to look for accessories, think about some colourful decoration pieces. Instead of adding too many colours in your room, choose a few colourful items to make your interior pop. You can pick bold coloured accents for your lamp or colourful vases. Do think about the placement of such items as placing them all over the room will make it look inharmonious and completely chaotic. Stick to a side of the room to add a pop of colour like the sidetable or the wall behind the headboard of your bed. For your bedlinen, remember that you will need to change it frequently, so choose colours that coordinate however you mix them up.


Illuminate the Bedroom with the Right Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are key elements in bedroom décor and play an important role in setting the right mood. So, if you want to accessorise your bedroom to give it a unique look, choose lighting to dress it up. Pay attention to the shape, size, style, and colour of the light fixture before you pick one and how you will use the light. Will you be curling up in bed to read, for example?

For spacious bedrooms, large fixtures work best. Chandeliers add an element of glamour to any room. You can also get ceiling, floor or table lamps to decorate your space with stylish light fixtures. Even if you invest a lot in a big statement table lamp, know that the right style of lighting will help make your room get a distinctive look.


Pile Up Pillows

The bed in your bedroom is not only meant to make you feel relaxed (it should do if you’re going to sleep in it!), but also to enhance the look of your room. It is an accessory that can be decorated to add style to your space. A great way to add playfulness to your room is to pile up colourful cushions and pillows on the bed.

love-blue-bed-giftHowever, you should only add patterned cushions if the duvet is single coloured. Most people buy only a couple of cushion on their bed, but if you pile up several cushions in different colours and patterns, you will be able to add an element of fun and creativity to your bedroom decor.


Get Memorable Pictures Framed

Create a wall of memories in your bedroom to make your space look creative, fun, and playful. Picture frames act as great accessories for any space, especially if you don’t want to redecorate your room from scratch.

You can either create DIY frames of buy frames from a store in different shapes and sizes to give your wall of memories an appealing look. When arranging these frames, make sure you stick to a cluttered look to make your room appear unique.


Hang a Rug on the Wall

If you don’t want to paint your bedroom walls, you can choose to hang a stylish rug on one of the walls. Head out and pick bohemian style rugs to add detail to your wall without having to paint it. This is a great option for those who have single coloured walls. By adding a stylish rug to the wall, you can break the monotony and make your room stand out.


Get a Statement Wall Clock

When decorating your room with accessories, look for items that standout. And when it comes to choosing a wall clock, make sure you pick a statement piece that enhances the overall visual appeal of the room without making you work too hard. A large-sized stylish wall clock works perfectly to add an element of creativity to your bedroom space.

Your bedroom décor relies primarily on the accessories you choose. From lamps to frames and cushions, every type of accessory plays a role in decorating a bedroom. You must find accessories that gel well with your furniture and don’t make your room look cramped up. With the right placement and positioning, your bedroom accessories can take a central role, giving your room an amazing appearance.

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