10 Tips to Sleep Better During The Winter

Facing winter’s blizzards, darkened days, and icy commutes can put anyone in a frosty mood. Some people actually suffer from seasonal blues that are triggered by the dark and cold days of winter. To combat seasonal depression and ensure that you get the rest you need to enhance your health and help you face those long cold days, be sure to keep the following sleep tips in mind. With adequate sleep, you can more effectively brace for those chilly days and snow commutes to work.

New Mattress

If your mattress is aged and you do a lot of tossing and turning each night, it’s likely time to invest in a new mattress. This is probably one of the best steps you can take to improve your sleep quality. Feather & Black offers a wide selection of high-quality mattresses in various sizes and styles. The fact is, a new mattress can enhance a comfortable night’s sleep, but if you aren’t in the market for a new mattress at this time, consider adding a mattress topper to your bed, which can also improve its comfort.

A good mattress makes all the difference
Cosy Bedding

There’s nothing quite so cosy as nestling into a warm and comfy bed on a cold winter’s night. Plush bedding can bring a soft and luxurious nuance to your bed while giving your bedroom décor a touch of posh flair. Add a faux fur throw to your bed or a new goose down duvet topped with a velvety soft duvet cover. From high-quality sheets with high thread counts to plenty of soft pillows, you can create a luxurious setting for enjoying a winter night’s sleep.

Improve the Air Quality of Your Bedroom

During the winter, our homes remain closed off, but without fresh air, the quality of interior air can suffer. To reduce the amount of allergens in your bedroom, which can reduce your sleep quality, consider bringing in a couple house plants that are known to improve air quality. Some popular air-purifying plants include spider plants, aloe vera (its gel is also excellent for moisturizing dry winter skin), bamboo palm, and English ivy. Place a small potted plant near your bed to enhance your bedroom’s air quality.

Disconnect from Electronics

Sleep experts suggest that it’s important to disconnect from electronics like your television or laptop at least an hour before you go to sleep. These devices prevent your brain from unwinding, so if you’ve been lying in bed with your tablet, you may find that it takes you longer to decompress, which prevents sleep. According to sleep specialists, the light emitted from even very small devices like a smartphone cue the brain and trick it into wakefulness. To ensure you get the rest you need, disconnect early in the evening and allow yourself to unwind without electronic interference.

Watch What You Eat (and Drink)

Although a soothing cup of cocoa seems like a perfect way to top off a snowy evening, you better switch to herbal tea because cocoa contains caffeine which can prevent you from falling asleep. Just like coffee or other caffeinated beverages, cocoa may seem soothing, but it packs a jolt that could have you tossing and turning in bed for hours. Some foods like spicy curries can also prevent you from falling asleep. You can certainly enjoy the food and beverages you love during the winter, but be sure to avoid them as it gets close to bedtime.

Get into a Sleep Routine

People who regularly have trouble falling asleep may benefit by adhering to a prescribed nighttime routine. Naturally, you can customize this routine to suit your preferences. Some things that people include in their bedtime routine include light exercise, a warm bath, reading, or knitting. Think about activities that help you unwind and try to incorporate them into your nightly routine.

Evaluate Your Room

Maybe your room could use a winter makeover for enhanced comfort. You can create a room that’s more conducive to rest by installing new furnishings like a dressing table, cushions, or a cosy upholstered bed. You can even make your room more comfy during the winter by installing blackout curtains or adding faux fur rugs to your floor for a luxurious touch. When selecting colours colours for bed linen, draperies, or walls, be sure to choose a tranquil hue that can transform your bedroom into the relaxing sanctuary you crave.

Use Sleep-Inducing Scents

Many people who suffer from insomnia find that certain scents can encourage drowsiness. Scents like lavender and chamomile are said to have a soothing effect on the brain. If you’re feeling stressed after a long day, consider placing a few drops of essential oils featuring these scents in a water bottle and adding a spritz or two to your pillow or blanket. It may not cure a bad bout of insomnia, but it could help you unwind so that you get a more restful night’s sleep.

Encourage Kids and Pets to Sleep in Their Own Beds

If you’re a parent to children or the four-legged variety of kids, you might want to encourage them to stay put in their own beds during the night. One way to keep kids in their own beds is to ensure that their bedding is cosy and comfortable. Allow your children to pick out new winter bedding. You can also purchase a new pet bed for your dog or cat to encourage them to leave yours alone. When you sleep with kids and pets that toss and turn, it can definitely lead to sleep disturbances for you. If you can avoid sleep interruptions, you’ll certainly feel more rested by morning.

Keep these tips in mind so you can get the important rest you need this winter. Rest is important for so many reasons, but ensuring good sleep for your body means it can more effectively resist colds or other viruses that can plague us when we’re feeling run down. By pampering yourself with a good night’s sleep, you can more effectively cope with winter’s cold grey days—maybe even with a smile on your face!

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