The Team


Stephen Bradley


Stephen hails from the north of England but has spent more of his life in Oxford, Cambridge, Boston and London than anywhere else. He lives in an architect-designed modern house in North London which was featured in which he is slowly filling with midcentury finds to complement the bare bricks and skylights. Stephen wishes he could afford all the things we feature on The Idealist.

Our Authors


Lady Julia Finlay LLB

Jules is a Solicitor and Director hailing from the historic city of Chester. In her limited spare time you’ll find her ‘stable side’ with her beloved Irish Sports Horse, Rolex, or entertaining friends at home (…not always successfully!)


Ed Kennedy

Ed is a journalist and web designer proudly from Melbourne, Australia. Has worked for a number of years across a variety of fields, but holds a special interest in art, design, and culture.


Charlie Douglass

Charlie is a lifestyle journalist with a passion for snooping around people’s homes: the good, the bad and the ugly. She loves innovative interior design, period homes and antiques; loathes things with slogans on, and carpets. She lives in rural Essex with her husband and two children.


Kathy Compton

Writer at large; Singer for Panda Transport; Lover in Lomma Sweden; Made in the USA


John S Brown

John is a photographer and journalist from Manchester with a passion for street photography and modern art. When not taking photos, you can find him on a bike anywhere from Sardinia to Amsterdam listening to Zero 7.


Matthew Porter

Yorkshireman living in London. Matt can often be found exploring his city (and beyond). He loves architecture, live music and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Pass him the latest copy of monocle and a flat white and he’ll be happy. Often found in a uniform of navy blue.


Joan Simon

Joan is an interior design project planner and freelance writer from Boston Massachusetts who lives with her husband and two bulldog terriers outside Wellfleet on Cape Cod.


Benjamin Drake

Ben is a painter and DJ and loves all things concrete, urban and handmade. Based in London, when he’s not working on an interior renovation, he’s riding his scooter down some alley or other in search of the perfect cortado.


Ellie Mitchell

Ellie lives in a village outside Oxford and works in fashion in London. She loves the vintage look, traditional English afternoon tea, prosecco and hiking in the Lake District.


Ena Kenny

Ena is a registered interior designer from Toronto, Canada.  When she’s not at work, designing healthcare spaces at multi-disciplinary firm Stantec, she enjoys city life with her husband and two small children.  She loves things that are simple, functional, and beautiful, but her desk is always messy.


Jens Lennartsson

Jens is a lifestyle photographer in the purest sense, focusing on regular people and how they lead their lives. Through his photography, website, books and non-profit initiatives like EYE AM and The Ethnicity Project, he aims to inspire, share knowledge and make new connections. Though he’s based in Malmö, Jens’ passion for photography, travel and amazing food takes him to every corner of the globe. He’s known for his Zen approach to practicing his craft, using minimal equipment, natural light and living in the moment.


Trish Pead

Trish Pead, owner of Home Staging London, has over 20 years experience in property developing in the UK, Europe and Australia.
She is passionate about the positive benefits of styling and presenting property for sale, especially nowadays, where first impressions comes from online photographs.
nigel nunes

Nigel Nunes

Nigel is a writer and journalist living in London. He loves music, literature and architecture. Since moving to London to study, he’s yet to kick his honeymoon phase with the city, and when not working, can consequently be found making the most of what London has to offer. He maintains that Billy Joel is one of the greatest and most critically misunderstood singer-songwriters of our time. So far, he has found 3 other people that agree with him.


Helen Baker

Helen is a fabric designer and lives with her husband and two sons near Bath. She grew up by the sea in Cornwall and is reinventing a modern coastal look of interiors with her debut collection in a minimal graphic design inspired style. Passionate about pattern, Helen is constantly capturing images on her phone for potential design inspiration.

Roddy Clarke

Roddy Clarke

Roddy is an Interior Stylist and Pop Up Expert who is passionate about finding emerging designers and the latest trends. Based in London, he works on many projects across the design industry. A family heritage in interior restoration and design meant Roddy was surrounded by experts from the very beginning. Constantly absorbing the knowledge around him, Roddy’s eye for detail and quality evolved over time, giving him an intrinsic sense for what makes a product stand out.


Sarena Shetty

Sarena is the founder of FindDesign, a curated platform for design-led contemporary furniture and homeware. Based in London, she’s constantly searching for beautiful products, new designers and emerging trends, with a particular love for clean lines and minimalist aesthetics.