A Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover You'll Love

Show your Bedroom Some Love this Valentine’s Day!

Three ways to create a perfect Valentine’s Day love nest

Your bedroom deserves some love this Valentine’s Day! Whether a haven of peace, a love nest or a place for R&R, treat your bedroom well and it will reward you back. What better time than now to create the perfect Valentine’s Day bedroom look? 

The bedroom is the room in which we spend most of our time, and it may be the only room in the house that’s exclusively yours, so surely it deserves some special treatment. The bedroom is for sleeping and for closeness, a refuge from children and chores, work worries and the hum drum details of the real world downstairs.

Here at The Idealist we know how important it is to take a break from reality, so we have found one perfect bed to build an amazing bedroom around and three ways to create a Valentine’s Day bedroom that’s a romantic refuge.

One perfect bed

A perfect bed should be a comfortable inviting nest in which to rest your weary head and a centrepiece, inspiring romance, deep sleep and sweet dreams. An important purchase, you should buy a bed that will stand the test of time and tie in with décor changes.

The perfect choice for our Valentine’s Day bedroom makeover is the Juliette bed from sleep specialists Feather & Black. The simple design of this upholstered bed is perfect for all room types, and it can be ordered in a range of fabrics and colours, meaning that it lends itself to different design schemes. The upholstered headboard will give your room a boutique hotel feel and the lack of footboard will make your room appear larger. There is even an ottoman version to give you precious storage space.

Upon the perfect bed must go the perfect mattress. Sleeping badly is detrimental to our health and wellbeing so you should make sure that you change your mattress every eight years, and buy the right one for you. Whether you plump for, soft, medium or firm depends on your favoured sleeping position, but you should always consider your sleeping style before purchase.

Three perfect rooms

With such a versatile bed, we couldn’t resist creating some luxurious fantasy Valentine’s Day bedroom designs, all built around the things every bedroom needs.

A Romantic Boudoir

A Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover You'll Love
Lara bedlinen

A sweet fresh romantic boudoir

  • Ideal for: Small rooms. Modern Houses
  • Palette: Feminine pinks and crisp white

If you own a pair of marabou slippers this look is for you. Soft and feminine, this look uses white furniture and a light colour palette to offer a reprieve from the winter gloom outside.

Choose neutral coloured upholstery for your bed and pile on goose feather pillows and duvet in top quality bed linen, such as the Lara set from Feather & Black. Add a soft white throw or two and some frivolous cushions. We love these blush pink real silk cushions from Maisons du Monde.

A Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover You'll LoveTo stay within the theme your bedside rug should probably be sheepskin.

Furnish your room with an antique armoire, bedside tables and matching dresser. For your walls, use a soft pink paint, such as Middleton Pink from Farrow & Ball teamed with this damask patterned Maya wallpaper from B&Q.

A Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover You'll Love

Add lamps and mirrors to make the most of your small space – hunt down vintage milk glass light shades, or add glamour with the Frieda wall lights from John Lewis, or the Sanford table lamp from Feather & Black.




Gorgeous Georgian Valentine’s Day Bedroom

A Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover You'll LoveA rich and sumptuous seduction pad

  • Ideal for: Larger rooms with lovely proportions, older houses
  • Palette: Grown up browns, blues and soothing greys

A Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover You'll LoveThose lucky enough to live in a period home know that their rooms can take just about anything. So go all out – remember this room is for you!

Fantasy Valentine’s Day bedroom number two is slightly masculine, with heavy old wardrobes and worn wooden floors. Deep colours add to the regency feel, but greys and silvers add softness and femininity.

Choose the Juliette bed with a grey headboard, and dress with soft Egyptian cotton bedding in off-white. Top with a decadent Feather & Black faux fur throw in grey to snuggle under on this nippy February night. You might not be lucky enough to have your own ski lodge. Or perhaps you find the idea of wood panelling too much. So why not choose a rich feature wall using Farrow and Ball’s beautiful Feuille wallpaper in blue? Adorn dresser tops and mantelpieces with delicate silver accessories. And finally, find wall space for a large mirror to lighten the space.

Read old leather bound tomes of poetry and adventure late into the night with the Bergen desk lamp, shown here by the bed, also from Feather & Black.

Sleek Space

A Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover You'll LoveClean, crisp contemporary

  • Ideal for: Just about any room size in any kind of house
  • Palette: Whites and greys
  • For modern misses, and misters, with no time for frills.



A Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover You'll LoveTo create our loft feel we are using brick effect wallpaper in grey from B&Q and painting the walls no nonsense white. Furniture is modern and practical, featuring a sleek modern wardrobe like the customisable Krypton wardrobe from Habitat.

Here our make-believe Valentine’s Day bedroom conjures a Manhattan loft apartment. For clutter free clean living, this is a bedroom with bookcases and specialist storage for things like ties.


A Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover You'll Love
Enliven the room with some colourful artwork. Perhaps an album-as-book print from Limelace (we love the David Bowie ones!)? And choose a colourful headboard for your bed. Topping your bed with a variety of tactile textiles will make your bed a place of escape from clean lines and modern living.

Try cashmere throws and fur cushions such as these sleek silver cushions from Feather & Black. Settle in for the night with a glass or two of red.

A Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover You'll Love

Happy Valentine’s!  

The Juliette upholstered bedstead starts at £725 and Feather & Black has everything you need to create the perfect bedtime this Valentine’s Day. Browse online at www.featherandblack.com

This is a sponsored post which may contain affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions expressed however are those of the author for The Idealist and are not of the sponsoring company.

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