How to Hygge Your Home for the Winter

How to Hygge Your Home for the Winter

It seems like everyone these days is talking about hygge (hue-gah). Winter truly is the best time to explore this new idea. If you’re a fan of all things Scandi, but you’re unsure what this buzzword actually means, don’t worry. We’ll help you get acquainted with the concept. We’ve picked a handful of books and gifts that will help you achieve hygge in your life.

They say that hygge, from the Danish, is all about taking pleasure in everyday things and experiences. This could mean reading a book, making coffee, doing the washing up, or the simple act of lighting a candle at dinner. It’s about living fully and gaining an awareness of the space you’re in and every action you are undertaking, however everyday or commonplace.

Our friends at Utility have curated some wonderful books to help you get in the cosy spirit, and we’ve sourced some products that truly embody this Scandinavian ideal.

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Of course we know that hygge is a way of being much more than a collection of things. However, we love the excuse to curl up, be cosy, and drink some mulled wine. It’s what fireplaces are for!

How to hygge your home for winter

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Cosy by the fire

How to Hygge Your Home for the Winter

This colour block blanket is by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius. Four contrasting colour blocks of greater or lesser intensity attractively interact to form a decorative overall pattern. The different two-tone combinations of coloured thread are visible in the colours of the fringe at both ends and in the selvedge along the sides. Truly cosmopolitan, it’s made of Peruvian highland wool. This is produced by a hybrid breed of sheep – a cross between a Merino, whose wool is extremely soft, and a Corriedale, which is known for its sturdy fibres. £169. We like the Blue/Bordeaux combination ourselves.


Keep warm

How to Hygge Your Home for the Winter

These beautiful blankets from Norway are just the thing to stay cosy by the fire and are woven in a soft, luxurious quality of 100% New Zealand lamb´s wool. Ekko has a light effervescent, graphic pattern of repetitive circles and cylinder shapes that overlap. The Ekko Throw Blanket is ideal for wrapping up in on a late summer evening in the garden, as well as on a cold winter day with a great book. They are  is available in yellow/dusty blue, raspberry/mint and navy/rose - three surprising combinations of colour for all lovers of design who wish to brighten up their decor with a fresh array of colour. £99


Hygge on sea

How to Hygge Your Home for the Winter

Hav is the Danish for sea, of which Scandinavia is surrounded by. Skandinavisk have taken inspiration from the cool waters of the Baltic, Arctic and North Atlantic and added fresh scents of water fauna and cool air from the fragrances of water hyacinth and white musk , driftwood, sea froth & fresh air to capture the essence of the Scandinavian seas in these wonderful candles, a gift that keeps giving even after 45 hours of beautiful fragrance burning! The candle is poured into a glass votive and will burn for 45 hours, then the glass can be used again.


Hygge scents

How to Hygge Your Home for the Winter

Of course with all these beautiful books, you need to curl up by the fire and read them, with the scent of Scandinavian forests on your nose.

Skog is the Danish for Forest and Skandinavisk have taken inspiration from the large expanses of green boreal forests across Scandinavia. The calmness of these forests are reflected in the birch and sandalwood scents of this candle, giving a fresh uplifting feel with a warm undertone, made form a blend of perfume and vegetable wax with a 100% cotton wick, an etched glass green frosted votive and a beech wood lid and coaster.


Comfort food

How to Hygge Your Home for the Winter

Scandinavians do comfort like no one else. This beautifully illustrated book shows you how to create a cosy dining atmosphere with chef Trine Hahnemann's deliciously comforting recipes and Scandinavian approach to serving food. Organised in chapters it covers food for all times of the day from soups, snacks and salads to main meals, home baked bread and of course dessert. It's a great introduction to the gentle art of Hygge the Danes are so famous for.


Comfort and warmth

How to Hygge Your Home for the Winter

This beautiful little book tells you everything you need to know about hygge- the Danish term for a feeling of belonging and warmth, a moment of comfort and contention. Make a pot of coffee, relax in your favourite chair and discover how life is better when you live by the everyday life philosophy unique to the world's happiest nation.


Living and eating

How to Hygge Your Home for the Winter

This book looks at the secrets behind the Nordic countries and their way of living which consistently gets them voted as the best places to live for quality of life. The book also features 50 delicious Nordic recipes that are central to the Hygge way of life and the joy of Fika (coming together for cake and coffee).

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