Get the Look – Marble Interiors: How to Work the Trend in a Modern Home

Marble has had a huge revival over the past couple of years, traditionally confined to bathroom interiors, the marble renaissance has had a modern reboot with stylists, designers and the high street offering attainable looks that are stylish, chic and contemporary.

Whether it’s in a Scandinavian interior to add a touch of luxe, or in an urban home with industrial features, marble interiors have been re-defined. The trend shows no signs of fading so take a peek at our top tips on how to create the look in a modern home:


Accessories are a simple and pocket-friendly way to get the look and with a huge array out there from clocks to candle holders there’s a lot to choose from. In 2017-2018 designers are favouring dark marbles over the traditional Carrera white, but whatever you prefer you’ll still be bang on trend. Try adding a marble clock to your space, this one from MADE simultaneously nails the copper and marble trend in one piece. Retailing at £49 it’s a steal too.

Try adding a lamp with a marble base. The warm glow of a lamp works beautifully against the cool and elegant stone. Try this marble lamp again from MADE, in two colours and teamed with a brass stem it’s a seamless way to work the trend! £79

Marble Furniture

Once you have your accessories, you’re likely to have marble mania and be willing to experiment further. Now’s the time to go all in and play with larger furniture pieces in your space. This side table found on FindDesign has a shapely base crafted from blonde wood crowned with a beautiful marble disc – sheer perfection!

A coffee table is another great investment. Try this one again found on FindDesign, the pebble shape top harks back to mid-century design but in marble and gold has a glamorous feel to it – the perfect statement for a chic living room.

Indulge in the Trend

You can go two ways when styling marble and some people prefer to fully indulge and go glam. Think luxe, so try pairing marble with velvets and brass for an interior scheme to covet, very art-deco. In terms of wall colours, verdant greens and indigo pair well with marble, so go deep with your hues.

Golds and velvet work to warm the coolness of the stone, but remember when mixing bold materials like golds, marble and velvet it’s best to use them sparingly as accents so’s not to overpower a room.

Strip it Back

If you prefer a Scandinavian style then it’s a great idea to keep things simple and use marble topped metal and wooden tables to create a minimalist look over shiny brass and gold.

Marble Walls

Marble wallpaper is not only a great way to bring a feature wall into a room, but can also work to break up a space and create defined areas. Wallpaper is a contemporary twist on traditional marble tiles that’s great value too. Thinkimprint offer a great range in different wallpapers, try a great base to create a cool and calming atmosphere that’s perfect for a serene bedroom.

Bold whilst simultaneously timeless, marbling your walls is a worthwhile investment and an ideal way of introducing luxury into your home on a budget.

Keep up Tradition

Sometimes classic is best, there’s a reason marble features in so many kitchens and bathrooms. Clean, durable and fresh the material is the perfect employed for a splashback, kitchen counter or bathroom sink.

For a modern twist pair white marble with statement gun metal hardware, black and white is classic colour combo and is guaranteed to look good. Perfect if your home style is more industrial and you prefer to toughen up your interiors.

Mix Up Your Materials

Pair marble with concrete for a truly contemporary look that will get people talking about your home for all the right reasons. Try employing this in your bathroom for a for a tough-luxe vibe to lust after.


Marble is having its moment and don’t be fooled into thinking it’s cold and inaccessible. Whether you work the trend with accents or dive into the deep end there are easy ways to bring marble into the modern home. Just remember to stick to one central theme, be that glamorous or minimalist and be consistent.

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