How to Achieve the Scandi Style in Small Spaces

Scandinavian style is all about simplicity mixed with functionality – the perfect look in a home where space is a precious commodity. It’s about paring back on unnecessary pieces and investing in well-designed furniture and accessories that will enhance your home. In terms of colour palette, keep things light and bright to create a look that’s airy and open for a Scandinavian home that you’ll love.

Take a look at our top tips on how to achieve modern Scandinavian style in the smallest spots.

Clever Storage

It may seem obvious, but clever storage de-clutters a space and keeps things clean and minimal. When thinking about a small space, it’s a good idea to go vertical – utilise your walls to free up important floor space. Ladder shelves are a great space-saving example that also work to display your prized possessions. These simple ladder shelves found on FindDesign are a great example of Scandi simplicity – £369.90.

Keep Things Bright

Light is the most important part of an interior scheme, completely dictating the look and feel of the rooms in your home. In a small space tricks with light quickly become completely invaluable in giving the illusion of openness. When choosing lighting in a small space it’s great to invest in pendant lights – these offer a softer glow than traditional ceiling lights are great for task lighting too (when you need to illuminate a specific area like a desk or kitchen counter).

Floor lamps will take up some space, but lighting is so important that it’s worth it. Try something with a slim profile like the Ira floor lamp, with a concrete base you’ll nail two trends in one piece – £89.

The Bricolla lamp features a little shelf that’s the perfect size for your coffee mug and with simple scandi looks combined with a little practicality, it’s ideal for creating a stylish scandi room without being too imposing – £315.

Try adding a mirror to your room, light reflects off the surface giving the illusion of more space. The chic mirror is a great choice – it features a shelf too so you can handily store items for easy access in the morning.

Furniture That Moonlights

Think furniture on wheels, ottomans, benches and table nests – multi purpose pieces that will work hard when you have minimal space. The block table is perfect for small spaces, used as a bedside table or as a drinks trolley, with so many functions this is a great investment piece.


A beautiful ottoman is chic, stylish and functional. Used as an extra seat for when unexpected visitors pop by or as a makeshift coffee table, an ottoman has a trove of uses. This one includes extra storage space too. The simple tapered oak legs and tranquil teal upholstery are perfect for Scandi spaces.

A nest of tables tucks neatly away and provides the perfect surface for when guests come over. This stylish set is ideal for your Scandi-style living room and adds a pop of accent colour to your space. Mustard yellow is a popular colour going into 2018 so you’ll be on trend too with this set too.

Be Selective

When trying to maximise the space you have, it’s a great idea to curate your collections, choosing pieces that you really love. Art works and accessories are great for adding character and style into your space. This black geometric print has a minimalist vibe and would work beautifully in a Scandinavian styled home.

It may be worth buying a roomy two seater sofa and having an extra armchair so you can be flexible in your space. This sofa is perfect in style and won’t dominate your living room.

A small space always seems daunting, but embodying a simple Scandi-chic look and vibe will help to declutter and maximise on what you’ve got. Remember to focus on light, hardworking furniture and choosing the pieces you love the most.

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