The latest styles in Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen is the social hub in most people homes. It’s where we cook at the end of the day with our family, or where we go to unwind at the weekends. So when you’re thinking about updating or redesigning your kitchen you might be wondering what the current trends are in the tiling world so to keep your kitchen looking and feeling fresh. With that in mind, lets take a look at homeowners top five go-to’s when it comes to kitchen tiles.


This year has seen the rise of rustic and vintage aesthetics including the idea of brining the outdoors, in. Because of this, designers are loving textured tiles that can help to build sophisticated looks within a room. Textured tiles can help to add dimension to a wall and when used as a splash back in your kitchen can act as a stunning feature piece. It’s probably a good idea to avoid using textured tiles with matt finishes however, as these will make food splashes harder to get off. Opt for a textured tile with a shinier gloss finish to make wiping down easier.

Brick and Metro

Probably one you’ve noticed, brick and metro tiles are the big winners of recent years. Their gorgeously vintage yet trendy look makes them a sure-fire win for most homeowners. There are two routes you could go down when it comes to this style. A brick effect tile gives you that slightly industrial chic look that focuses on a stripped back and minimalistic look. This is great for homes wanting to bring in a rougher edge to their designs. Comparatively, metro tiles have a timeless glamour about them that works in literally any kitchen beautifully. Metro tiles are available in a huge range of colours, but iconically focus on white with a contrasting black grout line.


Wanting to brighten up your kitchen a bit? Pattern tiles are great for splashbacks as they seamlessly create a focal point in a room thanks to their standout look. Patterns are very accommodating in terms of style. You can opt for a more traditional pattern for those country, rustic kitchens or you can look for something slightly more geometric and modern in colour for contemporary kitchens. Either way, patterns are a stunning addition as a splashbacks and afford you the opportunity to work with accent colours on a more professional level.

Geometric Shapes

Where square or rectangular tile used to hold to top spot, it seems slightly more geometric shapes are making their way through the ranks. In particular the hexagon tile, which is experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to its unique and stunning shape. The hexagon tile would also make for a nice centre piece in a room, so if you’re looking to draw attention to a vintage sink for example a hexagon tile would help to draw the eye nicely. Hexagon tiles, like metro tiles, look best when matched with a contrasting grout colour to further make their shape pop.

Mirrored Mosaics

What better way of catching the eye than with a stunning, shimmering light. Glass and mirrored mosaic tiles make excellent splashbacks thanks to their glossy finish as well as their light reflecting abilities. The finish its particularly important when looking for a kitchen splashbacks. Ideally you want a glossier finish to make cleaning easier, as previously mentioned. The mosaic is a bit more of a classic choice for a splashback, so if you’re wanting more of a traditional look and a practical function, than mirrored mosaics are your answer.

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