Come Home to Warmth with Stylish Radiators

Come Home to Warmth with Stylish Radiators

Radiators: it’s not usually a hot topic in interior design, but at this time of year it’s all we can think about.

We’re in the thick of the winter season, where the days are dark and the nights are darker.

There’s nothing better than to return home from school or work to a warm house. In our corner of the world, central heating and radiators are a common means of heating homes and flats.

However, today’s designs look nothing like those from our grandparents’ and parents’ eras. With the new generation of designs, we no longer have to sacrifice style for warmth.

Come Home to Warmth with Stylish Radiators
New vertical radiator and old horizontal one in a spacious apartment

Types of modern radiators

Modern heaters come in a diverse array of shapes, colours and sizes. It’s not an exaggeration to say that there is a model for virtually every style and architectural design.

Below are just a few types of radiators to help you see what’s available on the market today. In this designer interior, the owners have combined a traditional-style column model with a modern flat-panel one, giving the elegance and functionality of both.

Come Home to Warmth with Stylish Radiators1. Towel radiators

These are a popular choice for bathrooms and combine heating the room with warming your towels.

Imagine the luxury of having a warm towel within reach when you get out of the shower or the bath. You’ll be the envy of all of your friends!

Good examples include the sleek units designed by Milano or those produced by Tissino, which with their range of colours start to look more like pieces of modern sculpture than functional heating units.

2. Old style column radiators

Column radiators are the type and shape of heating that you are probably most familiar with. These wrought iron fixtures sit on the floor of your room and have a series of parallel pipes that circulate the water, thus heating your room.

However, modern technology has made some nifty advances on this Victorian standard fixture.

For one thing, you can find column radiators in virtually every hue, from the traditional black to modern colours like red, orange, green and purple.

What’s more, the new versions are finished with a powder coating that adheres to the iron via electromagnetic transfer. That’s a fancy way of saying that it won’t flake, chip or need to be repainted. The Old Radiator Company specialises in the specification, restoration, refurbishment and bespoke supply of original cast iron radiators.

What this means is a radiator from them is supplied fully refurbished, tested and fitted with metric pipe fittings enabling their original cast iron radiators to be plumbed directly into modern central heating systems.  So, you get the look of the old and the functionality of the new. Amazing!

Come Home to Warmth with Stylish Radiators3. Spiral designer radiators

Not all modern spaces have enough room for a traditional radiator.

Maybe you have floor-to-ceiling glass windows or low window sills. Spiral designs are ideal for these situations, as they’re designed to use horizontal space, rather than vertical space. They are formed in a long tube shape that sits several inches from the floor.

They are available in an array of neutral colours to blend in with your woodwork or wall finish. Unlike many other types of radiators, the spiral designs can be plumbed from the floor, rather than the wall.

Come Home to Warmth with Stylish Radiators
Tesi Join vertical radiator

4. Designer radiators

Of course, nothing says that you have to stick with a traditional rectangular shape or even a spiral shape when choosing your new heater.

Modern designer radiators add to the beauty of your living spaces as well as keeping you warm and comfortable. Examples of modern designs include the semi-circular, wall-mounted radiators such as the Ximax Triton; the tubular steel wall-mounted fixtures such as the Tesi Join, which comes in an amazing array of colours (we’d love an orange one!); the sleek, modern, angular designs such as the Vasco Carre Plus and the narrow, vertical radiators by Milano Aruba that can fit into almost any space.

Come Home to Warmth with Stylish Radiators
Vasco Carre radiator

If you have a home that relies on central heating, like most of us do, don’t think you have to find a way to disguise that unsightly fixture. You’ll be proud to showcase today’s designs in your rooms. Some even keep your towels warm and toasty.

Isn’t it time you switched out your old radiators with the peeling paint for new, sleek, beautiful fixtures?

Image courtesy Feature image (c) ninamalyna, interior image (c) bombaert/ 123RF Stock Photo.

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