Five Clever Ways to Make the Most of a Small Home

City living, especially in London, has become a fine art of juggling space, making way for essential items and at the same time keeping it as stylish as possible. When every square inch counts it’s important to make the most of your space! It’s about being clever with what you have and choosing items which will help you compact your interiors to provide as much room as possible: it’s the skill of living minimally. Practicality is an important aspect, however, the throes of city life also make it essential to ensure your home is a place where you can relax and escape.

Here are 5 ideas to lead you to a clutter-free, space-saving haven you can call home!

1. Great Storage is Crucial

A good storage solution is vital for making the most of the space you have. In a wardrobe, under the bed or even inside furniture, it is important to be smart and invest in products which will keep things organised effectively. This stacking box from Habitat is a fun and lively way of keeping products stacked together but out of sight.

Each compartment can be used for different items and it can also double up as a side table to add a hit of colour into the room. It can be bought for £35.

2. Add a Guest Bedroom with Ease!

When space is tight, having guests around can be a dreaded thought and a logistical nightmare! However, Loaf are providing a solution to your worries. This practical footstool not only acts as an extra seat, but also converts into a single bed: perfect for those sleeping over! It is available in a variety of fabrics and is sold at £595.00.

3. Space Saving Shelves Can Now Be a Design Statement Too!

String are the leaders in offering shelving systems which are not only practical but also beautiful! The String+ system is so versatile and is completely bespoke, meaning you can adapt it to fit the space you have.

Accessorise the main structure with minimalist hooks, magazine holders and pouches to showcase all your items in an eye catching way.

4. Add Furniture with More Than One Function Into Your Space

When looking at new furnishings for the home we are often governed by size, what use the piece will have and whether it is truly needed. However, when an item of furniture has more than one purpose it really adds to the functionality of the space. When you are tight for space, it is important to fill the home with pieces which earn the area they consume. This beautifully elegant brass and marble Bar Trolley is perfect, especially when entertaining. Not only can it be doubled up as a work surface or an extra table, but it also has wine glass storage and a bottom shelf for other sundries (or more wine)! Being on castors also means it can be moved to suit each use it has. It can be found at Swoon Editions for £279.00.

5. Don’t Let Recycling Add to Your Storage Issues

When living in a small flat or apartment one of the nightmares of today is recycling! There is never a space for two bins and it usually ends up in a cardboard box on the floor. This bin designed by SimpleHuman is the answer you have been looking for. It contains two colour-coded inner buckets – one for general rubbish and the other for recycling. It will assist in keeping the kitchen a clean and clutter-free space, whilst also being sleek and stylish. It is available in two sizes from Habitat for £150.00.

Don’t let a small space overwhelm you: look at the potential in it, make the most of every area and only add pieces which will help you to create the neat, calming and organised home you are looking for.

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