Eight Top Trends in Interiors for 2017-18

2016 was the year we witnessed the arrival of the Scandinavian inspired look and it is one trend that has continued into 2017. As we’re at the halfway point of the year, here’s a guide courtesy of our friends at EZ Living Interiors on what trends to look out for on the high street.

1. Deep Jewelled Tones

This harks back to a wintery Scandi’ influence and it’s a hue that is flattering, easy on the eye and simple to incorporate into homes. While the stronger emerald tones might not be for everyone, it’s important to note that just because it’s a trend it doesn’t mean that every room or every part of one room has to feature the colour. You can of course go as focused or expansive as your tastes desire.

2. Texture

There has been a huge surge in demand for rich and opulent fabrics like velvet.

Velvet furniture delivers a really elegant focal point. If your budget doesn’t rise to a new sofa, velvet is something that can be easily incorporated through use of throws, cushions, footstools and so on.
Sometimes with velvet, less is more, so if you do go for the sofa option, keep the rest of the accessories in the room to a minimum. Metallic accessories like silver picture frames, gold trays or candelabras would also be stunning with this particular colour of sofa.

3. Upholstered Bed Frames

Say hello to exquisite materials and sublime detailing in the form of a velvet finished bed frame which in itself could be the focal point of the bedroom. If it’s a new room and you have leeway to work with colours, you should begin by choosing your bed head fabric colour and go from there. To keep things from being too over the top, select more muted accessories with added pops of accent colours like dusty pinks, corals and so on.

4. Navy

Navy is a versatile colour and is less harsh than black; it can work well with traditional themes (think marine related colours). It can also be highly modern depending on the tone of navy and of course the choice of accessories that you put with it.

5. Marble

The marble effect trend has manifested itself not just into interiors but into other items like phone covers and notebooks, such is its popularity. Instantly providing a touch of glamour, it’s also a fantastically practical material in the home. Inject an interesting style contrast by adding in soft pinks as part of your accessories.

6. Cérused Wood Finishes

The cérused (limed) finish harks towards a rustic and almost reclaimed look which is always interesting to look at and will last the test of time. A play on that which combines the retro and Scandi style with pops of colour is also hugely popular.

7. Mirrored Furniture

Match this opulent and supremely stylish furniture with anything from upholstered beds to wooden bed frames in the bedroom. Consider including the console table in your hallway to create a spectacular entrance setting. Accessories such as metallic candelabras, lamps and frames will prove wonderfully complementary to this furniture.

8. Pineapples

We’ve been seeing pineapples everywhere. As a motif, as table lamps, in wallpaper, in cocktails. Tropical fruit is a thing. Honestly.

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