Hang it All! 10 Tips to Hang Pictures Like a Pro

Photographs, framed posters, original art and art prints can personalise even the most generic decor. They also provide ideal focal points and can be great icebreakers when friends or family visit your home. However, even the most attractive art needs to be hung correctly. Don’t fret; it’s not difficult if you follow a few basic tips.

Right a bit. Down a bit.

How to hang pictures like a pro:

1. Match your technique to your wall type

The type of wall that your pictures will adorn makes a difference in what type of hardware you’ll want to use. Make sure to use an anchor, nail and/or drill bit that is designed specifically for your wall, be it brick, plasterboard or mortar.

2. Arrange your pictures for maximum effect

The arrangement of your pictures can make or break the attractiveness of the display. You can opt for symmetry or asymmetry, but make sure that the frames are spaced evenly to avoid a haphazard arrangement. Best to use a tape measure when you are hanging more than one picture at a time.

Take a leaf from this store display with its mix of textures and sizes

3. Know your weight

A heavy picture can bring down your wall and leave a pile of broken glass on the floor beneath it, if you aren’t careful. While so-called “picture hangers” are sufficient for lightweight frames, anything heavier than a paperback book should be hung with an anchor that can’t be easily pulled out of the wall.

4. Hang your pictures at eye level

Hanging your pictures or picture array at eye level allows them to be viewed more easily. However, this isn’t always as easy as it seems. If you are exceptionally tall or short, your eye level may not be the same as the majority of your guests. Many people make the mistake of hanging pictures that are too small too high on the wall and that looks bad.

5. Match the size of the picture (or the grouping) to the size of the wall

One of the most basic design laws for hanging pictures is to match sure that the size and scale of your picture or picture display match the size of the wall. For instance, you won’t want to hang a small picture by itself on a large expanse of wall space. Better to assemble a grouping of pictures to fill up more of the available space. Mix up colours and sizes to make the collection really pop.

6. Tape before you drill or hammer

One easy picture-hanging hack is to apply a piece of masking tape or sellotape to the wall before you drill or hammer in a nail. This stops the plaster or mortar from crumbling and making a huge mess and a larger-than-desired hole in the wall.

7. You can’t take a glass in there

If your pictures are being hung near a window, you may want to pay a little extra for non-glare (also called non-reflective) glass. This not only allows you to view the picture more easily when the sun is out, but also helps protect the picture from sun fading.

8. Something to show off, then show it off

Picture hardware doesn’t have to stay hidden. Consider using decorative anchors, pegs and even ribbon to add beauty to your hanging display. Likewise think about collections of pictures gathered together in an informal style.

Too many pictures can tend to look like a restaurant

9. Go “old school” with a picture rail

In Victorian times, elegant homes had picture rails, a moulding that was attached horizontally to the wall and from which pictures were suspended via picture wire. Resurrecting the old style picture rail can help to give your home a Victorian flair, while also protecting your walls from random nail holes.

10. Pictures don’t always need to be “hung”

Lastly, keep in mind that pictures can be attractively displayed without hanging them on a wall. You can use easels in a variety of sizes and styles, tuck a picture in a bookcase shelf and even set a picture on a cabinet or buffet and lean it against the wall.

You don’t need an advanced engineering degree to add stylish, professional-looking arrangements of pictures to your home. Simply follow these easy tips to add visual interest to even the most ordinary living space.

Image courtesy: Hanging couple (c) vadymvdrobot, Feature image (c) scottff72, pub interior (c) irstone / 123RF Stock Photo/123RF Stock Photo

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