Mamma Mia Inspired Bedroom Colour Scheme

Island dream colour scheme: Blues and whites in our Mamma Mia inspired bedroom

The breezy fantasy of a Greek island romance found expression in the hit musical and movie Mamma Mia. Shot on the idyllic island of Skopelos, the film adaptation featured pop hits by the Swedish super group Abba and an all-star cast cavorting among the rugged landscapes and fishing villages of the region.

Mamma Mia Colour Palette

Mamma Mia Inspired Bedroom Colour SchemeThe colour palette here is both fresh and familiar – inspired by all the delirious blues of the Mediterranean sky and sea, and off-set by whitewashed houses and the spectacular hues of the sinking sun. This is one of the easiest colour palettes to use on the interior design scheme for any room.

The base is white on white, which makes sense in a warm climate by the sea but can feel a bit clinical in northern light. So start with layers of cream for walls and furnishings and warm things up with shades of azure and sky blue fabrics and accessories. Add pops of sunset colours like peach, orange, and deep red or purple. Simple patterns or colour blocks of blue and white also fit with this summery theme. As do rustic weathered or distressed woods and the textural detail of linen and other woven materials that speak to traditional Greek island ways of life.

We think this colour palette could look especially striking in a guest bathroom, sunny kitchen, or framing an outdoor terrace perfect for entertaining. But check out some of the fun pieces we’ve discovered for a Mediterranean bedroom that will have you dreaming of a sun-kissed summer by the sea.

White on white

This bed from Maisons du Monde echoes the platform style commonly found in Greek island interiors. Simple, basic, the white on white wood and fabric are a perfect base from which to build your Mamma Mia inspired bedroom. £575

Mamma Mia Inspired Bedroom Colour SchemeLow Light

The kind of bedroom you might encounter on a Greek island getaway is likely to be supremely uncluttered. These serene wall sconces cast a gentle light during the night. Finished with plaster they resemble the classical fluted columns so prevalent in Greek architecture. £70

For a more familiar (yet dramatic) approach to lighting the bedroom try this ceramic table lamp. Beside the bed or on a bureau, it gently evokes island rusticity with raw materials like linen and unfinished ceramic, and features romantic cutouts in the base. £90

Or a pendant lamp in blue and white striped porcelain will support the colour scheme but still keep things streamlined. £50 All lighting fixtures from John Lewis.

Shutter In

When winter or stormy weather comes to the islands, locals pull the shutters closed and hunker down. Channel that nesting instinct with this pale distressed wood mirror with louvred shutters. It’s an added bonus to keep the shutters closed on bad hair days. £134

Sky, sea, clouds

Layer your cloud white bed with more white and blue. A subtly patterned duvet set from John Lewis keeps it light with a subtle blue embroidered border. From £60. For a bolder blue, how about this hand-drawn design  from Habitat. It’s got that nautical vibe without being cliche. (£50)

Mamma Mia Inspired Bedroom Colour SchemeThe pile on the blankets and cushions in variations on the theme of blue and white, or in vibrant accent colours. This knitted and striped cotton throw £50, alongside these chevron patterned cushions in a range of blue, peach and cream colour combinations add comfort, as well as a bit a plush to the potentially stark palette.

A Greek island themed bedroom should be an oasis from the everyday. In the ethos of Mamma Mia, live your dreams in sunny white and blue. Practice restraint in order to achieve serenity, but don’t scrimp on the comfort and romance.

Lights are gonna find me

Having said all that, also don’t forget that Mamma Mia featured a stag night, a hen night, and at least one wedding, so for a fun bit of accessorising, how about some garland lights, like these beautiful Moroccan-style ones from John Lewis (£30), these multicoloured bulbs for your Waterloo moment (£60) or for the true romantics, these silver hearts on chains (£20).

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