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Teenage Kicks – Tips for Teenage Bedrooms

A teenage bedroom has to meet the needs of the busy and demanding stage between childhood and adulthood. Gone are the days of giant boxes of toys and shelves of cuddly teddies (apart form the extra special ones). Now the room has to fulfil many different purposes such as studying, sleeping and relaxing. Here’s some tips on how to create a cool teenage bedroom that they’ll actually want to spend time in.

Joining forces

It is crucial that any decision making about a teenager’s bedroom should be done together. Don’t forget they’re evolving into adults with their own opinions and views with ideas of how they want to express themselves. So talk about room layout, which furniture you have and where it will go with them, consider colour schemes and maybe create a digital or physical mood-board try to understand each other’s needs and ideas.

Zoned areas

It can be useful to create different areas for different purposes and using different colours is a great way of doing this. A light and bright study area should ideally be near a window as natural light is best and an interesting view will help too, whereas a relaxing area can take strong and darker colours.

Feature element

Having a bold focal point will give the room interest and is an ideal opportunity for self expression. This could be a wall mounted bike/surfboard/skateboard, a gallery wall of photos, wall stickers or a giant map. It’s good to go with the interests of the teenager for this as it will reflect their personality. Alternative ways to make a feature space could be through wallpaper, cladding a wall in chipboard or painting an area in a bold colour.

The fifth wall

The ceiling. Here’s where you can let your/their imagination run wild as ceilings are often overlooked spaces. Posters, art, large stickers or taking the chance of painting the ceiling in a different colour can all work well in a teenager’s bedroom.


Wall mounted storage works great in teenage bedrooms as it maximises the floor space. An open clothes rail instead of a wardrobe is an effective space saver and adding shelves in less conventional places such as the space above the door works well too. Good storage and organisation of a study area will make it more appealing to use and wall planners and shelving are practical for books and stationery and can look good too.

Freestanding furniture

Flexible furniture that can be moved around when necessary is great in a teenager’s bedroom. A roll out bed stored under an existing bed is perfect for when friends stay over and it also prevents the under-the-bed-black-hole where items can easily be lost. Day beds that also work as sofas as a place to relax are ideal for creating an area to switch off and relax after studying.

Paint it black

Adding a few touches of black within a room adds a sense of maturity, clearly identifying the room as having moved on from a child’s room. Black out blinds are also great for encouraging a good night’s sleep. The only drawback might be getting them to leave their room…

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