6 Easy Ways to Transform Your Coffee Table

For those looking to enhance their lounge spaces and living areas, we have news for you! The overlooked coffee table is no longer an item on which to place the television remote or your feet! It is one of the most budget-friendly ways to elevate your living room and it has the potential to set the tone of the complete interior. Styling it correctly can be challenging and here are 6 easy ways to ensure it is a success.

Less is More

The coffee table is a furnishing that has the ability to speak for itself with little to no assistance from accessories. The key to styling a coffee table correctly is to keep it simple: choosing 2-3 options which perfectly harmonise with each other will have a much more positive impact than displaying numerous objects.


Adding pops of colour will help bring structure to the room, but this need not be intense or overstated when concerning your coffee table. Being tactically subtle is a much easier and effective approach to help with its transformation. This blue glass vase is a great centrepiece and will help to lift the ambience within the room. Its elegant shape is pleasing to the eye which means it has the status to be styled just as it is.


Candles make great additions to a coffee table setting by adding a serene dimension and character to the space. If you are partial to the occasional scented candle, it should not only complement but enhance its surrounding environment; therefore choosing the right aroma is crucial as it will be the first sensory experience when walking into the room. These candles by Scandinavisk are beautifully designed and the Northern Lights scent contains elements of citrus and sea salt adding a refreshment to the home. Not only do they look stunning they also have a burning time of 50 hours. They can be purchased for £29.00 and the candle is contained in a delightfully painted glass jar.


Coffee table books can an essential component to the table setting, but your personal selection should be considered carefully. Using books with beautifully eye-catching covers can add to the trend of your room. Also, larger books can be used as a base for a small glass vase or candle.  However, you ultimately want books that reflect your interests. Illustration books relating to travel and art collections are perfect for the living room, as they allow the reader to casually flick through the beautiful images with no commitment required to the book itself.

This book produced by Taschen is a wonderful creation showcasing European travel destinations chosen by the New York Times. It is a fun and playful colour and will bring an element of chic intellectualism into the home. You can get hold of it from John Lewis for £16.99.

To celebrate your love for design, keep an inspirational design book available on the coffee table. The Hinterland is a book created to explore the architecture and design of different cabins and hideaways all over the world. It’s an enchanting read and is perfect for lovers of nature! It can be bought online for £35.00 from Blackwells.


Plants are perfect for bringing life and greenery to any room and can assist with embodying a sense of calm. For those who want a low maintenance option, succulents are a perfect choice as they require little water and do not shed their leaves. We recommend this stunning diamond shaped terrarium from Not On The High Street. It can be bought with or without the succulent and is perfect for adding an organic element to the coffee table with minimal care.


What better way is there to complement a standalone furnishing than with a standalone centrepiece? Perfect for those who prefer a minimalist approach, a simple sculpture could satisfy every requirement for a truly beautiful coffee table. The depth and tone of this bowl’s self-acclaimed petrol hues will add a touch of understated luxury to the table. It is available from Habitat for £35.00.

You do not need to spend a fortune to transform your coffee table into the perfect showpiece. So long as you love the accompaniments, your eyes will be gladly drawn to the table upon every entrance into the room!

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