Old School and Upcycled - Part 1

Old School and Upcycled Part 1

Take a look in many of the design magazines right now and there’s a new look which could go by the name of upcycled or old school.

This style combines modern pieces with the look of found objects from Victorian schools, chemistry labs and old-fashioned shop interiors. It works well as a warm and witty contrast to white walls and bare floors.

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You can spend ages in antique stores and flea markets hunting down this look (we did just the thing in Madrid), but many of our favourite stores are experimenting with this look too and we love it. 

Why not transform your room with a few practical solutions or even adopt a theme, such as old school? It’s easy – here’s how!

Our favourite old school & upcycled finds

Caps off for this idea!
Old School and Upcycled - Part 1

When school’s out, what better place to hang all the kids’ bags than on this lovely hall stand by designers Atkin and Thyme?!  Not only does it add essential storage space (simply perfect for shoes, muddy boots and sports equipment) but it also keeps everything you could possibly need in the same place and ready to go next morning!

Old school v. new school
Old School and Upcycled - Part 1

Love that ‘old school’ feel but fancy something a bit quirky too?  Look no further than this retro 50’s style Milligan sideboard from Atkin and Thyme.  Whilst it still retains that slightly rustic look with its mango hardwood, the drawers inject a fabulous splash of colour making it a real eye catcher – not to mention an ideal storage solution! 

Lady Penelope!
Old School and Upcycled - Part 1

For something entirely different cast your eyes over the Penelope wooden chest of drawers from furniture gurus Oliver Bonas.  It’s nothing short of fantastic!  Carefully handcrafted in India it features a complete mixture of drawers in stunning colours and would look great in any room of the house.  Modern metallic and leather handles meet stunning mango wood to create a centrepiece that’s not only practical but ever so pretty.

Desk bound
Old School and Upcycled - Part 1

It goes without saying that no ‘old school’ theme could possibly be complete without a desk.  And they don’t come much finer than the Bertie from Oliver Bonas.  Designed in-house this stunning piece features a stylish mixture of painted drawers and simply oozes personality.

No gym today!
Old School and Upcycled - Part 1

These metal storage shelves from Loaf have a great antique bronze patina and bring back memories of leaving homework in the teacher's pigeon hole, or finding some trainers from the lost property rack in the gym. Perfect for storing stationery and bits and bobs.

Rackety console table
Old School and Upcycled - Part 1

Also from Loaf, this very upcycled console table/storage unit has a sturdy metal frame in a  dusted cannonball finish and comes with two handy apple crates which, like the top, are made from solid reclaimed fir recovered from old buildings

This would look perfect in a hallway or rustic/industrial kitchen.

See the world, they said
Old School and Upcycled - Part 1

How about a vintage metal globe to complement the old school look? This one dates from the 1960s, comes from Belgium, and is made of metal and papier mache in blue and black. Globes really add to the retro school look.

Industrial lights are magic

This factory style light is truly on an industrial scale with a diameter of over half a metre that would ideally suit a large interior! Available in black or grey, this would give a real upcycled vibe to a large living or dining room.

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