The Magic of Mirrors — Ten Tips to Add Appeal with Mirrors

What is the main purpose of mirrors? — To make the room look bigger. We use mirrors in small spaces to give the illusion of a big room. We also use mirrors to let natural light into as many areas of the room as possible, enhance small spaces, and liven up the décor. Does that mean you can use any mirror?
A mirror is an important element of a room’s décor. It has the ability to tie the room together. Before you select a mirror, you first need to find its location in the house. The location will determine the type of mirror you need to select. To help you purchase the perfect mirror for your home, we bring you fifteen ways you can use mirrors to add appeal:

1. Place a Dual-hanging wood-framed mirror

The kitchen is one of the most used areas of the house, especially if you have an open kitchen layout where the living room meets the kitchen. To design a comfy setup in the kitchen, add a dual-hanging wood framed mirror, either landscape or portrait.
Add either a medium-sized square shaped mirror or a large rectangle shaped mirror. It is important to select a mirror that belongs in the kitchen and a wood framed mirror is a versatile décor element that goes with any type of room setting.


2. Place a Free-standing and Full-length Mirror between Two Windows

jasmine-mirror-rangeThe mirror’s location between two windows and presence will trick the eye into thinking there is not two, but three windows in the room. It will also increase the amount of natural light the room receives from outside. Moreover, a free-standing and full-length mirror placed against the wall creates a warm, inviting, and relaxed environment in the room. These mirrors in solid acacia are from Oli & Grace.


3. Place a Sculptured Twist Frame Mirror between Art

Place a sculptured twist frame mirror, bordered by art, over a console in the entranceway or in the dining room, above a buffet. Select art pieces based on the size of the mirror. Measure the mirror, and then choose the art you want to place beside it. A key rule to remember is that the size of the art pieces needs to be small or equal in size. Otherwise, it will look misplaced. Other types of mirrors you can choose are narrow mirrors, either faceted or rectangular.


4. Place a Dual-hanging Wall Mirror behind a Chest

You usually place chests near the entranceway of the house. It becomes the focal point of your entranceway because it is the first thing guest encounter when they visit your house. To make the chest stand out even more and appear even more elegant, add a dual-hanging mirror, either landscape or portrait.
A dual-hanging silver mirror brandishing a lightly white finish and stunning satin gloss sheen will pair well with a chest. You can opt for a rectangle dual-hanging wall mirror or go for a leaner size. The effect is subtle, but the result is glamorous.


5. Place a Round Trevose Mirror near a Bookcase

1455590399-98741800If you have a large bookcase in your house with empty space available in the middle rack, you can place a round shaped trevose mirror there. A silver or bright colour mirror will look exquisite tucked into a bookcase or a larger one hung above. Doing so will bring a feeling of depth into the entire room. These beautiful mirrors in silver or gold are from House of Isabella.


6. Place a Sunburst Mirror above the Bed or Console

large-sunburst-mirrorDoes the blank, empty space above the bed bother you? If yes, you can add a sunburst mirror above the bed. The frame of the sunburst mirror should match the décor of your bedroom or you can pair it with the colour of the bed’s headboard. Another good spot for the sunburst mirror to go is above the console table.
Since sunburst mirrors add a type of funkiness to the décor with its jagged frame design, extending outwards, you want to go with a minimalist design theme for the console table. This means adding a small flowerpot, few small vases, and a small frame. This mirror in a rich gold finish is from Atkin and Thyme.




7. Place Two Long Narrow Mirrors on Adjoining Walls

Place two long narrow mirrors on adjoining walls in the room. You can place the mirrors in the dining room or the living room. The goal is to make the room brighter by bouncing and reflecting the light from the room back into the room. Choose a room that has several large windows. Doing so will give the impression of a large and spacious room. If you are adding it in the living room, add a hanging light on top of the dining table.


8. Place a Large and Elongated Rectangular Mirror Diagonally from a Window

Another good way to increase the light in a particular room is to add a mirror across from a window. An elongated rectangular mirror will do the trick to emit more light into the room from the outside. Moreover, it will create a beautiful effect, as the mirror will reflect a stunning view. You can place it in the dining or any large room that lacks light.


9. Place Narrow Full-length Mirrors in the Gym

If you’re lucky enough to have a home gym, think about how to make best use of the space. Gyms require a narrow long length mirror so people can see themselves in it while exercising. You do not have to add several mirrors, but you can settle for two. If you add anymore than two, you risk losing the comfy appeal of the entire room. You can use either a floor mirror, propped against the wall, or a mirror that hangs from the wall.


10. Place an Oversize Mirror above the Mantel, or choose a distinctive shape

new-mirror-range-shotAn oversize mirror will transform the décor of the room, making it appear more sleek, modern, and sophisticated. In addition to this, it will also maximise the light emitted into the room, thus making the room appear larger. Solid brass mirrors went down a storm in the 1920s and they’re back in a big way. These Art Deco designs are easy on the eye and effortlessly suit loads of different decors. These mirrors in solid brass are from

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration on how and where to place mirrors, you can use some of these ideas to create a perfect unison between the mirror and the room’s décor. With mirrors, you can never go wrong because they are there to enhance the appeal of the room.

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