10 Ways to Modern Bedroom Minimalism

Minimal design is all the rage these days. From magazine covers to the Pinterest boards, you can easily see the hype and the attraction that goes towards this style. However, contrary to popular belief, creating a minimalistic look does not require breaking your bank for it, nor is it just removing the clutter without leaving any space for storage.



What is Minimal Design?

The basics of minimal design involve ‘stripping down the façade to the real essence of an object’. In interior decoration, it means designing a room in such a way that only the real essence of each furniture item can be seen, and this design removes excess clutter by replacing elaborate embellishments with the simplest, streamlined designs.

However, if this sounds like a minimal look is all cold, bare and all in white, then you are in for a shock. Minimalism means editing down the design to their most simple form, not make them unattractive and threadbare. Stripping down to basics allows the structure of the room, or your chosen pieces of furniture to punch through.


Toning grey bedding
How to achieve Minimalism in the Bedroom Décor?

Minimalism combines design and practicality in its true form. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to compromise your comfort for the minimal look! Here are some of the ways how you can achieve a minimal design in your bedroom, while keeping it cosy and welcoming.


Make all your bedding match
1. Use the Colours Right

Yes, whites, greys and pastels are the colours most used in minimal looks, but they are not the only colours. You can choose a neutral base colour and a bright colour of your choice, or indeed a range of colours. Now, how you incorporate these colours is what will make the difference. If you have a small room, then you can paint the walls white, and have brightly coloured bedding and white and furniture in co-ordinating colours. Since minimal designs do not incorporate elaborate and complex designs, single bold colours will stand out more. This range of bedding from Merci comes in a range of colours that complement each other, so when you change your sheets, you can mix and match.


2. Choose a Simple Bed

Your bed is the focal point of the room, and it should be comfortable. You should choose a simpler design like this one from Feather & Black—no four-poster beds! For getting the best of the minimal look, choose a bed that is designed with sweeping straight lines.


Go big and bold with art, say River and Mr Stay Puft
3. Choose Single, Big Pieces of Art for Walls and Shelves

If you want to display art, go big and go bold. Make sure that one single piece makes enough of a statement that you don’t require the help of any others. Choose the art piece carefully, and put it on the wall or shelf above your bedstead. Choose single accessories that stand out. 


4. Replace Furniture with Sleeker Counterparts

Your furniture might need to be upgraded, too. That dresser with all curves and embellishments, the leggy side tables, they all need to be replaced with sparser versions. Minimal designs work more on straight lines than curves, so keep that in mind while you are shopping for them. A good look to go for is scandi or upcycled.

Again, don’t fear that these replacements would make your bedroom lifeless or less lively. A minimal look will only tune down the clutter in the room, it will certainly not reduce the charm of the décor.


5. Choose a Multi Functional Nightstand

A nightstand that has drawers or some shelf space to hold a few books or miscellaneous items can be a great help when you are going for a clean look.


6. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter!

Minimalism is all about continuously editing the design, keeping only the one that you need. This means you have to de-clutter the room. Remove all the belongings, random wall hangings, ornaments, and the furnishings that you don’t necessarily NEED, to make room for what you need and love. This will help create a room that focuses only on the things that matter to you. Thus, when anyone enters the room, their eyes will automatically focus on the main points of the room, and will better appreciate your taste. This storage bed from Loaf can hide heaps of stuff in its drawers.


pexels-photo-299077. Keep the Walls Bare

If you are going minimal, don’t clutter the walls with too many wall hangings or shelves. Choose a single wall (preferably the one behind your bed) and incorporate an artwork or some decorative mirrors or wall hangings above it. Alternatively, paint the wall in the colour that you are pairing the neutral colour with. Keep the remaining walls bare to keep the room de-cluttered.


8. Install Storage Space that Keeps Clutter Out of Sight

Now that you have de-cluttered your bedroom, you need space to store your essentials. How are you going to go about it? Well, you can either splurge and install a wall closet, or find creative ways to make room for storage space. You can buy a bed with drawers (a storage bed), or install under bed drawers to keep away the mess. You can also install some simple bookshelves and cabinets to make room for the essentials, so that the room is never cluttered.


9. Be Merciless While De-Cluttering

This is more of a pro-tip rather than a step. Generally, people tend to get attached to their belongings, be it beautiful and expensive ornaments, or little decoration pieces. Thus, when it comes to de-cluttering, they get in a fix whether to keep the stuff they like or not. Once you have decided to go minimal, and are stowing away all that you don’t need, be merciless while doing so. Remember that the ornaments you display will stand out more if they are few in the room, and you can always replace them with the one you like to display at the moment. This is the best part about a minimal bedroom: it is extremely easy to redecorate.


10. Set a System in Place that does not allow the Room to Clutter

De-cluttering a room may be easy, but keeping it from cluttering is hard. You may have accomplished the task of clearing away the excess once, but unless you have a proper system that keeps the clutter away, the room that you designed so thoroughly will soon be a mess. Maintain boxes or sections in your closet to keep the important stuff that you need now and then, and make sure that the system you have set up is maintained.

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