Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas*

*Your style still intact

Oops! It’s Valentine’s Day Gift shopping time!

You’ve still not got round to ordering that beautiful gift for your significant other, have you? You know, one that says how much you love them without you losing your characteristic sense of style and taste in the mad rush to JUST BUY SOMETHING!

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We can help! Not for us those hastily-bought carnations from the petrol station forecourt or that warm bottle of prosecco from the all-night corner store. We’ve found some beautiful Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you and your love will love that you can snag without even leaving your desk. Keep you cool, keep your sense of style… and show your love!

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Flowers with a Difference!
Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Say it with Flowers

Who doesn't love to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Valentine's Day? The classic choice is of course a dozen red roses, but the guys at FLOOM just took it up a notch with their fresh, seasonal, handpicked flowers from local florists. Floom searched London high and low to find their team of hidden gems. Gone are those tired mass-market bouquets you get sent by your office team when you're off sick -- no, these are beautiful, artisanal seasonal flowers that your loved one will love. The brainchild of Paris-born and Bali-raised founder, Lana Elie, whose career was in fashion and luxury brands, Floom brings the passion and aesthetic of couture to those magic moments when you say 'I love you'.

Even the names of some of the bouquets make us smile: Sherlock ❤️ Watson, Elizabeth ❤️ Darcy, Thelma ❤️ Louise.  Order Floom Flowers This Valentines!


Pink champagne
Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

These gourmet pink champagne truffles from Charbonnel and Walker are rich, cheeky and a little bit boozy. The candy-striped box is filled with lightly dusted milk and pink chocolate Champagne truffles with a meltingly smooth Marc de Champagne centre. £40

Stunning looks and scent
Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Floom are also doing an extra-special unique to Valentine's Day bouquet for £120. Made up of Prince Jardiniere, O'Hara and English Miss roses, these are sure to have a rich scent as well as stunning looks that will tell your loved-one just how much you care! Go to Flowers That Make An Impression to find out more!

Listen with Love
Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We love these white on ear Sony headphones with built-in mic and remote. Perfect for listening to love songs on your commute to the office! Stay loved-up in your music bubble we say. £28-40.

Love Stories on the Move
Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

A great idea to keep his or her mind on love and away from budget setting, Trump, or Facebook is to give the gift of love stories. How about getting a Kindle Paperwhite eReader and loading it with romance, Mr Darcy, or steamy stories to get your lover in the mood for love. £109.95

Secret Heart
Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Give Them Your Heart!

This amazing heart contains a secret. Break it open and you'll see it hides a ring, pendant or other piece of jewellery. From Islington-based jewellers Stephen Einhorn (and unique to them!) this is a great idea to present a memorable gift in. This is unusual, romantic, patented, breakable plaster packaging available in blue, red and a bunch of other colours. Encase a piece of their jewellery or one of their gift certificates inside and watch the recipient's eyes light up as they crack the heart open to reveal their prize. LOVE IT! £49

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