Autumn Colour Scheme: Deep rich yellows

Each season brings with it a unique set of benefits. As autumn rolls in, it provides us with much-needed relief from the scorching heat. The days also get shorter as winter nears, which means it will be dark much earlier.

For these reasons, there’s no better time than autumn to make your home cosy and warm. Using the bright colours found in autumn leaves is a great starting point for a nice fall look. You’ll also want to make sure you create a nice, comfortable environment in which to spend your autumn evenings.

The main colour in this scheme is yellow. You can find a large variety of beautiful, deep yellows in the autumn leaves—that’s where you’ll be drawing inspiration from. Be careful, though, because a little bit of yellow can go a long way. You can accent these yellows with earthy brown fall shades and neutral colours. Consider the colours outside during fall and how the yellows, reds, oranges and browns mesh together.

This look is perfectly complemented by modern furniture and accessories. Sleek, white metals and woods really make the yellow pop without contrasting too much. Go for some natural, off-white fabrics to break up areas where there’s too much white. Use yellow furniture or yellow fabrics, such as curtains and rugs, to add a splash of yellow to mostly white room.

First Add Neutrals

Painting an entire room or even an accent wall yellow is a big ask. Instead, you can turn a neutral room into a room with bold yellow accents. Start with a nice neutral sofa so there are no overpowering yellow pieces in the room. This Oscar 2-seater by SCP at Heal’s is a good choice. (£3,148)

Style shouldn’t be your only concern when redecorating—functionality is important, too. Give your living room a touch of neutral colour while adding some storage space with this white Radley bookcase from Feather & Black. (£275)

Any proper living room needs a good coffee table. Sticking with the themes of functionality and neutrality, we absolutely love this Hooper storage coffee table from Made. It’s got a sleek, modern look that goes well with the furniture and colours in the room, and it gives you added storage underneath the table. (£149)

Splash Some Yellow

Here’s where your first splash of yellow comes in. Look for a nice, big yellow armchair to really stand out in a room full of neutral colours. This yellow armchair, snuggler and sofa range from Furniture Village’s Avenue Collection caught our eye and it starts at £649.

If you’re looking for something a bit roomier, this chair also comes in a snuggler. (£649)

Lay it All Out There

Fabrics are an essential part of bringing together a room with a colour scheme. They allow you to add small bits of colour without affecting the room too much, but the results can still be stunning. This Orissa wool rug from Habitat features a yellow and white geometric pattern with a small emerald green border for some extra colour. (£170)

Hang it in There…

While we’re on the subject of fabrics, you can’t forget a good set of curtains. Since most of the furniture in the room is white, a nice set of yellow curtains—like these patterned curtains by Trene—won’t be overbearing. This will give you the perfect amount of yellow against all-white walls, especially when paired with complementary wall art. (£60)

‘Ello There

Since you went with a white coffee table, that’s the perfect spot to add a splash of yellow in a small decorative piece. This cylinder glass vase from Habitat gives you a blast of yellow which your coffee table will neutralise, and you can even add flowers to accent the room. (£20)

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