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As the winter coats come out and the nights draw in, you can almost hear the ticking of clocks slowly moving backwards – Autumn is in full swing. And with this is a longing for red wine, a cosy fire to curl up to and, dare I say, thoughts of Christmas already?

Cosy Country Cottage

A country cottage interior provides the ultimate cosy environment as the temperature drops and going through the transition is far easier to create than you may first anticipate. Take a look at our top tips on creating the perfect cosy country cottage in your own home.



In a cosy interior, texture is so important. If you imagine smooth finishes create a sleek and sometimes stark look, then rougher natural textures work in the opposite way to create a more intimate and comfortable atmosphere. You can think of texture in a few ways: architectural – wooden beams, stone walls; furniture – reclaimed woods, and weathered finishes; textiles – sheepskin rugs and woolen throws.

Without the luxury of being able to change your architectural features, it’s important to  focus on furniture and textiles to create a warm and snug home. This means using natural materials when it comes to furniture like timbers and reclaimed woods with a characterful grain. If you have a leather sofa try pairing this with a knitted throw and some patterned cushions – playing with texture is fun and provides much needed warmth in your home.

Soft Light

Lighting is so crucial in any interior scheme, but particularly when creating a room with a cosy character. A real fire creates an ambience that’s unrivalled and firelight emits the perfect subtle glow and heat as cooler evenings creep in.

Last years Hygge sensation shone a spotlight on the importance of cosiness in the home, and one of the best tricks to employ was the everyday use of candlelight, with the Danes burning more candles per head that any other country in Europe. Candles offers a gorgeous muted flickering light and without a fireplace in your room it’s the perfect substitute – creating the ultimate soothing and pleasurable atmosphere. It’s also a great idea to use table and floor lamps rather than harsh overhead lighting, again this creates a calming atmosphere that’s ideal for winding down after a long day.

Layer it up

Throws, rugs and pillows – layering is the key for a cosy country cottage feel. Again using different textures adds warmth to a room so mix and match your weaves, patterns and materials for a look that’s eclectic yet pulled together. In terms of rugs, try something like a thick pile persian rug or a sheepskin for luxury underfoot or if you prefer something more contemporary, a berber rug is a great option. Also, a great tip is to layer two rugs over each other to add depth.

Gorgeous knits are the perfect accompaniment for an armchair in a reading nook, imagine the scene, curled up in your favourite chair, wrapped in a beautiful blanket with a good book and a cup of tea – sheer bliss. When choosing textiles, go for thicker basketweave knits for a more textured look. If you prefer something a little less bold, a tight-knit alpaca wool throw is a simple alternative.


Cushions not only add personality and colour to a space but are warm and inviting, providing added support too. They provide the perfect opportunity to try out lots of different colours and patterns in your home without overwhelming the space.


As always, furniture is so important as it provides the foundations for your interior scheme and in a country living room, it’s important to choose the right sofa as the base for your layers and textures. The Findon 3 seater sofa from the John Lewis Croft collection is a great choice, with loads of fabric options and two leg finishes you can design the perfect sofa for your home.

Pair this with a beautiful ottoman like the Astor from Swoon Editions. It works as a coffee table, extra seating storage and importantly as a foot rest after a long day. The gorgeous oatmeal linen features diamond tufting that’s been upholstered by hand and a hand-carved solid wood frame that makes this a beautiful addition to your home and perfect for a cosy country cottage interior.

Experiment with Colour

A cosy country cottage scheme provides a great opportunity to experiment with bolder shades over traditional neutrals – it’s a good idea to stick with autumnal colours that aren’t oppressive, think deep russet reds and terracottas (yes, terracotta is back). Darker shades cocoon you and add depth to your space, resulting in a pleasant and homely abode. If you’re uncertain about painting a whole wall, then stick with accessories and textiles in these colours, paired against a neutral backdrop.

Again, if you prefer a neutral scheme, then duck egg blue accessories and upholstery works beautifully in a country interior. These cooler colours compliment natural shades creating a cohesive look that’s still cosy and inviting.

Mixed Patterns

A cosy country cottage is the perfect space to mix up your patterns. Tartans, checks, florals, it’s a great idea to stick to the same colour palette, but aside from this, throwaway the rulebook and mix and match your patterns.

It’s surprisingly simple to create a warm and inviting country cottage interior that’s ideal for the winter months ahead. Remember to focus on lighting, textures and patterns to create a timeless look and beautiful environment to relax in that you can call home.

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