Breathe life into unused spaces in your home

reading nook

Do you have unused spaces in your home? Perhaps there’s a guest room only used a few times a year, a bay window or an under stairs space that could be utilised differently and more effectively. Many homes have untapped spaces, corners and rooms but through thinking about these in a different way, people can live better rather than feeling they need to live bigger. Here at The Idealist magazine, we’ve gathered together some interior ideas to help you tackle those tricky spaces and transform pockets of your home.

How do you use yours?

Think about how you use your home. Do you use every room or are there some spaces and neglected areas? Identify specific needs or wants, such as wanting a specific place for a hobby or a place to retreat with a good book, and see if these can be incorporated in any unused areas.

Redefining spaces

Don’t be afraid to redefine space depending on how you choose to live. Period properties, for example, were built in a very different way compared to how we live today, but breaking away from traditional room uses and taking a fresh look at the spaces in your home can help you work out what you want and need.

Furniture reshuffle

If your furniture stayed in the same place since the day you moved in, try different positions or room layouts to see if it makes a difference. Entrances and hallways can be changed from a functional area to smart welcoming space by adding furniture such as a narrow table or sideboard and smart storage for coats, shoes and accessories.

Reading spaces

A library or reading area can work in even smallest of spaces, such as under the stairs, as all that is required is shelving for books and somewhere to sit. Make use of wall mounted shelves to clearly define the space and a comfy chair and cushion will create an irresistible reading nook for book lovers to escape to.

reading nookHome office

Thanks to slimline laptops and monitors, home office areas can fit into shallow spaces such as alcoves and shelf style desks. Clutter kept to to a minimum with clever storage and cable management solutions creating stylish discrete working areas.

Add greenery

A quick and easy way to bring life into forgotten areas is by adding indoor plants as they breathe fresh air into your home whilst removing air pollutants. Plants create a link with the natural world outside and add interest, colour and shape too.

greenery into homeSpare outside spaces

With fewer cars being kept in garages today and an increasing number of sheds being transformed into more usable spaces, many homes have gained valuable extra rooms. These can been turned into office spaces, spare rooms, gyms, utility rooms, studios or teenage getaways to name a few possible uses.

The ideas above demonstrate by making a few small changes, you can maximise the potential of your home, creating new and inspiring spaces that work for you and your life.

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All photos courtesy of Unsplash. Featured Image by Wendy Leat.

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