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Travel-Inspired Interiors - World Traveller #1

Travel-Inspired Interiors: World Traveller #1

Get the World Traveller Look without Leaving Home!

At The Idealist, we love to travel the world.

And when we return home, we like to create travel-inspired interior to reflect the adventures we’ve had.

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As the cold and snow of the winter season lingers, we are currently dreaming of the sights and sensations of warmer climates and cultures. Perhaps you are too.

Whether your ideal destination is the floating markets of the Mekong River, the bustle of a North African souk, or the green mountains of India, we’ve found some pieces to match your fantasy.

Our favourite pieces for travel-inspired interiors

Dreams of India
Travel-Inspired Interiors: World Traveller #1

This elaborately carved mango wood headboard from Maisons du Monde makes a bold and regal statement in the bedroom. Antiqued white in the Keralan style, this piece is hand-crafted in Southern India and is striking enough to build a room around. £599

Night Moves
Travel-Inspired Interiors: World Traveller #1

A Jaipur-inspired nightstand adds a glamorous touch, but this solid wood piece is practical too, with lots of room for books and storage. Silvered furniture is a convention is many countries, but we love the way craftspeople from the provinces of Jaipur and Rajasthan in India do it, using a single piece of metal that is embossed and pierced over wood. £199.90

Letters from Home
Travel-Inspired Interiors: World Traveller #1

This camp desk is made from ancient reclaimed pine and hand-finished by village craftspeople near Shanghai. Of old style construction (for example, the single drawer uses traditional wooden runners rather than modern plastic or metal fittings), each piece is unique, sporting the patina and texture that comes with age and long usage. £329

Travel-Inspired Interiors: World Traveller #1

We love this smoky glass vase from Lombok Interiors. Fill the large or smaller version (or both) with exotic blooms or long-stemmed fronds to complete your tropical room setting. Or just to add some beauty to the short gloomy days in the North. £36

Colour riot
Travel-Inspired Interiors: World Traveller #1

Recall the vibrant riot of colours in warmer climates with a cotton cushion covered in hand-stitched embroidery and pompom details. Throw pillows are an inexpensive and effective way to add texture, volume and style to a room without making a large commitment. £25.99

Chest of wonders
Travel-Inspired Interiors: World Traveller #1

A rustic sideboard that could work in any room, this solidly constructed all wood piece would be particularly useful in the bed or dressing room for stowing clothing, or bed linens. Trompe l'oeil handles give way to more conventional cupboards and drawers in a way that suggests a treasure chest. £327.15

  • Ellie lives in a village outside Oxford and works in fashion in London. She loves the vintage look, traditional English afternoon tea, prosecco and hiking in the Lake District.

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