Lights, Camera, Action! Cinema Lighting Favourites

Lights, Camera, Action! Cinema Lighting Favourites

We love this New Wave of Cinema-inspired Lighting

As card carrying members of a generation of cinephiles, most of us instinctively understand how lighting can impact a movie scene, create a mood, or focus the viewer’s attention.

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But these principles of mixing types and intensities of light don’t just apply to film sets. Domestic interior design also benefits from well-placed lighting .

The right kind of lighting fixture, placed correctly, can make an enormous difference. Lighting can transform a space that feels sterile, or somehow uninhabited, to one that’s full of warmth and atmosphere.

With that in mind, we’ve found some gorgeous options in the lighting department. These finds are inspired by cinema lighting, and would look at home in an old movie studio.

Cinema lighting favourites


Old Timer
Lights, Camera, Action! Cinema Lighting Favourites

This take on an old time movie set light from Made features a flexible shuttered shade for maximum control. It has the iconic Hollywood wooden tripod legs and would work in any room that needs directional light and a bit of drama. You can also set the dimmer to low for more ambient illumination. £149

Cinema du Look
Lights, Camera, Action! Cinema Lighting Favourites

Light your living room like a pro with a cinema tripod in sleek chrome. A more polished iteration of the movie spotlight, this is a floor lamp for refined and sophisticated interiors, a formal dining room perhaps. £299.90

Early days of Cinema
Lights, Camera, Action! Cinema Lighting Favourites

The early days of cinema are elegantly evoked with this Maisons du Monde copper finish tripod floor lamp. Complete with barn door shutters (on a film set these would be used to shape and restrict the flow of light from the unit), this stunner is good for ambient and spot lighting in a more casual space. It would look fantastic paired with big leather sofas or illuminating the dark corners of a library area. £299.90

Contemporary finish
Lights, Camera, Action! Cinema Lighting Favourites

For a more stylised and contemporary interpretation of the cinematic light on sticks, check out this aluminium floor lamp with tripod legs from Artisanti. It's fully adjustable for height and angle, and the focused spotlight can be trained on any aspect of a room that needs highlighting. £500

Maritime chic
Lights, Camera, Action! Cinema Lighting Favourites

Maybe more maritime than cinematic, this charming tripod floor lamp  features distressed dark grey wood legs that complement the high-shine chrome marine head beautifully. When lit the lamp emits a soft glow; an ideal conversation starter in your home. £195

A cinema inspired approach to floor lighting for home interiors can express all the drama, romance and atmosphere of the movies we love. Whether you're looking for ambient or more focused light (or a combination of both), there is a range of attractive options out there. The fact that these hard-working pieces also make a statement just standing there is pure bonus.

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