How to Make a Rental Property Feel Like Home

Rising house prices and cost of living mean that more and more people today are renting properties over buying. However, this doesn’t mean you have to live in someone else’s style. There are numerous ways to achieve a look you love and can take with you when you leave. So here’s how to turn your rental property into a home.

Highlight the Good Features

Work out which parts of the property you like and want to draw attention to. If the property boasts a stunning window, staircase, view, or architectural detailing such as coving or architrave show it off! These could be highlighted through lighting or the positioning of furniture to best view these features. Conversely, identify any areas you wish to cover up. Wall hangings and art are easy and temporary ways to conceal cracks, unused doorways or unsightly details. Some landlords might not mind you painting walls as long as they are painted over again before you leave so check your contract to see what’s permissible.


Lighting plays a vital part in setting the tone of a room so bear in mind the three different types of lighting; task (for a particular activity such as reading), ambient or general (to light the room) and accent or highlighting (to draw attention to particular object). A statement ceiling light, for example, can help to draw the eye upwards creating an increased sense of space. Also, remember that you don’t have use the existing light fittings within a property, these can be carefully packed away and replaced with your own.

Think Temporary, Not Permanent

Walls are an ideal space to display photos, art, etc., but there are alternative options to hammering nails into walls. Specialist adhesive hooks work brilliantly as they can take a surprising weight load and be easily removed without leaving a trace. Large mirrors and artwork can be propped against the floor or a strong shelf for a relaxed more contemporary look. Removable wallpaper or a wallpapered panel is also great for injecting colour, pattern and personality to a room and can be good for zoning spaces if a room has different purposes.

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Clever Furniture and Storage

Modular furniture works really well in rental properties as it can be arranged to fit in any room. Freestanding shelving is great for both storage and displaying items you love. Try creating vignettes, curated pockets of a home to showcase objects and artefacts that reflect your style and personality. These double as clever storage areas which attract people’s attention, look great and are moveable too.

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Soft Furnishings

Sometimes rental properties are really blank canvases, void of any colour or personality but soft furnishings can be a great way to transform a room. A statement rug adds interest, warmth and energy and are a good way to hide any marks on the floor. Bold contrasting patterns can work well in blank rooms as they add a sense of fun and personality. Shop around for interesting patterns and colours on cushions, lampshades, throws, rugs, curtains and blinds.

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A touch of greenery adds a great look and feel to a space whilst cleaning the air and can help deter illnesses. Try plants in different rooms, amongst books and objects and experiment with shapes, sizes and colours of foliage for a well-loved home.

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You’ve made the inside look great so don’t forget that any outside space needs the same treatment too. It’s amazing the difference a little bit of care and attention can make to a property. Whether it’s a window box or a lawn, a few plants will add colour, greenery and life into any outside space.

Creating a space that reflects who you are will feel like a home and that fact you can take the look with you is perfect for both you and your landlord.

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