Wallpaper with Staying Power

Wallpaper With Staying Power - Our Favourite Finds

Good design is always about simplicity in the first. Whatever piece of furniture or installation you have, the purpose should always be clear and recognisable at the start. This means a piece should be visible and clear, but also not intrusive or overwhelming.

You should always choose furniture and decoration to suit your taste, first and foremost. But tastes change and that can make it difficult when you’ve covered a room with wallpaper that you later decide you don’t like.

So, when it comes to wall coverings, choosing the right thing can be a unique challenge. While a chair, table, or lighting can be easily inserted, altered, or even removed, wallpaper can be a harder task altogether.

To ensure cohesion with a room’s overall look, finding the right wall covering at the start can be especially important. You want to select a wallpaper that’ distinctive, but also complements the wider design.

But all of that said, since you probably have a good idea already how to choose neutral and laid-back design that complements a minimalist interior, we thought we’d share some more ambitious and fun alternatives.

Our favourite bold wallpaper styles

Vintage Travel Wallpaper
Wallpaper With Staying Power - Our Favourite Finds

While today it may be routine, once upon a time air travel was held to be rare and luxurious. The adventure and romance captured in the chance to travel around the world in just hours gave birth to a huge new movement in design.

We love this wallpaper for capturing that spirit, with a collection of vintage flight posters showcasing glamorous destinations around the world. Sure to be a conversation piece whenever you install it, this wallpaper a must for those who adore all four corners of the earth.

This Used To Be The Future
Wallpaper With Staying Power - Our Favourite Finds

What air travel was to the popular imagination of the 1950’s and 1960’s, so too did the rise of video games provide a veritable explosion of new art and design in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Accordingly, whether you are a frequent gamer or otherwise, the impact of the iconic puzzler Tetris has endured throughout the decades since its first release in 1984.

Alongside its legacy in the gaming world, the diversity of shapes and colours used within the game serve as perfect fits for those who seek a wallpaper with clean geometric lines and shapes.

Bold and Glamorous
Wallpaper With Staying Power - Our Favourite Finds

Speaking of geometric lines, if you seek a wallpaper to complement other angles within the room - or to create a bold contrast - this noir wallpaper is sure to be a happy companion in design.

A strong yet understated design that evokes the glamour of old Hollywood, this wallpaper is also a brilliant fit for any living room or dining room where you want a bold sense of style and charm.

One Way to Make a Statement
Wallpaper With Staying Power - Our Favourite Finds

Pop Art pieces are vivid, eye catching, and serve to ensure your wall space isn’t forgettable but impactful. Just as Andy Warhol and Liechtenstein knew it in the 1960’s, so too do we celebrate it today: rich colors and gorgeous contours are timeless.

With this classic design of vintage starlet a timeless design rendered in contemporary printing is on offer. It is sure to be a vibrant inclusion to any room that could use some bold colours as a focal point. Best of all, with the starlet's speech bubble left blank, those who wish to create and add their own personal message to the design have the opportunity to do so. Just what would you want her to say?

Take it Outside
Wallpaper With Staying Power - Our Favourite Finds

Just as pop art can be vivid and eclectic, so too can a stark wallpaper serve to bring some bold elegance to your room. This birch tree design by Osborne & Little promises to be a beautiful accompaniment to any room built upon a minimalist and understated design.

At once able to serve as a backdrop that complements or as the focal point of the space, this is a wallpaper that is sure to be recalled and leave a lasting impression on anyone who comes across it.

A Statement in Grey
Wallpaper With Staying Power - Our Favourite Finds

A great wallpaper is one that stands distinct with confidence, while also avoids clashing with other design choices throughout the room. While a pattern or pop art design can be the perfect fit at other times, if you’ve a room with a strong statement piece within it - such as a large dining table, globe bar, or fireplace - then a unique but understated design can be the ideal.

This linen texture wallpaper is perfect for such a room. With its grey hue it is assured not to dominate or overpower other design components of the space, while its unique colour and line composition assures it shall certainly not be overlooked or dismissed as an accessory; instead serving to make its own statement.

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