Old School and Upcycled Part 2 - Retro Furniture

Old School and Upcycled Part 2 – Retro Furniture

Did you see our first list of old school and upcycled finds?

In our second look at the old school style, we’ve found another round of treasures to give your home a distinctive, retro look.

This time we’re focusing less on accessories, and more on old school, retro furniture. Specifically, substantial pieces for your dining room or kitchen.

We just love the mix of finishes and patina of age we found in these pieces and think they’d look great with some well-chosen antique pieces such as the ones we found in our hunt around Islington.

Our favourite retro furniture pieces

Drink Orangina!
Old School and Upcycled Part 2 - Retro Furniture

We absolutely love this original 1950s metal Buvez Orangina sign from France. The blue and the orange is just amazing and if like us you want something distinctive and unique, then look no further-- there's only one of them! £150

The genuine article
Old School and Upcycled Part 2 - Retro Furniture

What could be more authentically old school than these side chairs designed by Robin Day in 1963 for the British furniture company Hille? Similar to Eames dining chairs, but with more of an old school look, their combination of strength, affordability and sheer good looks has never been equalled.

The original Polyside are now re-launched at John Lewis to celebrate the centenary of Robin Day, Britain’s 20th century design legend. The side chair is fitted with the elegant original P5 stacking frame and both chairs are presented in the distinctive original colours – light grey, charcoal, flame (orange, basically!).


Of course, there are so many fun and inexpensive upcycling ideas to create an old school theme so be sure to look in the loft, your garage and even charity shops for that perfect buy.  Why not mix your pieces with traditional school items such as real chalkboards (which look great in either a kitchen or kids bedroom); or old fashioned desks teamed with traditional pen and ink?  Homework has never been so much fun!

Chalk it up
Old School and Upcycled Part 2 - Retro Furniture

This wallpaper is a nice alternative to the classic chalkboard / magnetic paint. It's comprised of iron particles on a vinyl basis which makes it receptive to magnets. Ideal to hang drawings and notes and also suitable for chalk drawings that are easily washable. No more struggling with the application of several layers of chalkboard and magnetic paint. A stylish and even more practical way to make your own moodboard.

We think this is utterly amazing and have been dreaming of something like this for a long time now....and here it is!

Pull up a chair
Old School and Upcycled Part 2 - Retro Furniture

Of course, no dining table would ever be complete without some chairs and the Talia from Habitat really adds a colour contrast to the theme which can otherwise be a little dark and grey.  Available in a wide range of bold colours, the Talia adds a bold splash of colour to any kitchen and given its traditional look, will never fall out of fashion.

School dinners
Old School and Upcycled Part 2 - Retro Furniture

Most of us remember school dinners as being a time to relax, catch up with friends and share dishes across the table.  So why not reminisce with the Elmsman reclaimed table from Loaf?  As the name suggests, it’s a high quality piece made of characterful elm and lived in knots.  The piece creates the perfect place to meet, greet, eat and remember the good old days!

Bakewell tart?
Old School and Upcycled Part 2 - Retro Furniture

Now here’s something to take you back in time – the stunning ‘Bakewell’ dresser from Loaf.  Not only does it feature the old-fashioned mesh front for a proper pantry feel, but it also has a real old school feel about it too.  Whether it’s put to practical use in the kitchen or used for books in a main living area, this solid piece of furniture will look great anywhere and certainly makes a statement of its own. We think it would look fab stuffed with Penguin Classics.

Dinner's up!
Old School and Upcycled Part 2 - Retro Furniture

Remember standing in the dinner queue with your tray, dreading what you might get served? Well dread no longer.  This fabulous console table from Loaf might well take you back to your tray days but you certainly won’t be disappointed with the quality.  With such a range of practical uses this lovely little table could serve a multiple of purposes – and all minus the dinner lady!

Metal Mickey
Old School and Upcycled Part 2 - Retro Furniture

OK – hands up all those who’ve got at least one drawer full of little odds and ends?  Most of us have, but not everyone stores them with such style.  Not only is this sideboard completely unique but it also lends a lovely vintage feel – and by “unique”, we mean exactly that. These sideboards are hand welded meaning that you’ll never get two the same … so what better way to store those bits and bobs than in true exclusive style?

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