It’s The Feel Of Teal – A Colour for Every Season

It's the Feel of Teal - a Colour for Every Season

Teal might feel like a wintry tone, but we think it’s perfect for every season.

There’s just something about gorgeous autumn nights and crispy golden leaves falling from the trees. It’s easy to see why so many of us are tempted for a little change of theme at this time of year.

If you’re craving a new look in your home, we have some ideas we think you’ll love.

Whether it’s a bold statement wall, an eye-catching piece of furniture or a more subtle accessory, there are plenty of ways to create an interior design in this wonderfully rich shade.


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This season, it’s all about the feel of teal! It’s such a popular colour with so many differing shades. But it’s so bold, which means it can feel a little intimidating to use. Whether you want to splash this colour all over, or you’re a bit more hesitant, we have ideas for everyone.

Our favourite finds in teal

Soft Luxury
It's the Feel of Teal - a Colour for Every Season

One of our favourite designers, Loaf, are currently making an impact with this squidgy sofa in this rich teal shade of velvet.  Available in a wide range of colours you can quite easily mix and match the sofa with cushions in another colour  (or to accent in teal with something else) to get a teal feel yet without going overboard on just the one colour – with long-lasting sofas it’s easy to change things up with accessories.

Rich Appeal
It's the Feel of Teal - a Colour for Every Season

Since cushions have a tendency to be the main accessory we change on a regular basis it’d be a shame not to mention the duck feather Genova Teal cushion from Multiyork.  It’s slightly darker than the colours from Loaf and would look great with creams in the summer.  It’s completely squishy to the touch!  It’d also look great with a cream throw, perhaps on a chaise longue or a reading chair.

Comfy In Teal
It's the Feel of Teal - a Colour for Every Season

If you want more than just a cushion or two to teal up your life and are on the lookout for a new sofa we love this large crumpet sofa from Loaf too. It’s just the thing to curl up and watch Strictly on while the rain falls outside and your better half is down the pub.

Cosy On Up
It's the Feel of Teal - a Colour for Every Season

Another of our favourite designers, Feather and Black, have really got it right with their range of plush velvet throws this year and combined with a soft plump cushion you really can’t go wrong for the ultimate in relaxation!  Whilst they offer a variety of colours, we particularly like the teal one (as shown) since it can also be reversed and used as a cream throw – although that’s not to suggest the other colours aren’t stunning too!

Sizzling Hot
It's the Feel of Teal - a Colour for Every Season

Of course, teal accessories shouldn’t just be restricted to the kitchen and John Lewis have really made a splash with this season’s Mexican range of tableware!  Colourful, bold and bright they’ll certainly make an impact with any winter supper and can even be enhanced with woven baskets and tortilla warmers for the extra special authentic feel!  What’s more, they’re not outrageously priced so if you don’t need to use them everyday.

Damask Elegance
It's the Feel of Teal - a Colour for Every Season

For a more permanent and striking way to bring teal into your home this season then why not take a look at this teal and gold wallpaper?  Their embellished damask design is simply stunning and perfectly finished with a gold shine to really bring the wall to life.  Perfect for the hallway or even as main feature, the Graham and Brown range are sure to provide that extra finishing touch.

An Elegant Feature Wall
It's the Feel of Teal - a Colour for Every Season

As we’ve seen, teal is a perfect colour to combine with a softer look at this wallpaper from Laura Ashley would look perfect as a feature wall to complement your other teal accessories.  With a supple, wispy feld and touches of cream it’s striking yet uncomplicated.  Whether you choose it for just an alcove or for a much larger area, you certainly won’t go far in finding gorgeous accessories to give it the justice it deserves.

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