Indoor urban gardening – solutions for all spaces and lifestyles

Whether you’re a plant lover, botanical challenged or feel your home and lifestyle aren’t suitable for plants, there are a growing number of solutions on the market to suit every need. The trend for indoor greenery certainly isn’t showing any signs of slowing down so we’ve rounded up a variety of options to keep your plants and your home looking great.


Hydroponics (growing plants in water) is ideal for those who are away from home for periods of time, short on space for plants or simply don’t have much gardening experience. Eliminating the need for soil is also beneficial for homes with pets or young children where plant pots can get knocked over and make a mess. In fact, plants grown hydroponically grow stronger and faster as the roots don’t have to search to find the water and nutrients.

Optimus Garden is a smart vertical hydroponic garden that focuses on innovative design and efficient urban gardening. Up to nine plants can be grown simultaneously in the coloured casing and water levels and conditions can all be monitored through an app, providing a smart response to busy contemporary life. For further information visit Optimus Garden.


Vertical planters are perfect space savers as are plant hangers. Terrariums are perfect for creating a mini garden on a small scale with succulents and cacti so make ideal starter plants that need minimal care or watering. Window boxes suit all kinds of properties, whether its a collection of herbs for cooking or adding colour and greenery to a window they are really effective and easy to look after.

Tropical plants

Many interior photos contain large tropical plants and they work well indoors for several reasons. Tropical plants add interest to an otherwise difficult area, can be used a way of screening or partitioning a room and survive well in warm, dry conditions. Ikea have a great range of plants and planters that add instant colour and freshness to a room. Aloe Vera, Areca palm and Calathea (prayer plant) are all plants that make a statement whilst being easy to look after too.

Local Plant Centres and Nurseries

Plant centres, nurseries and independent shops are all great places to source indoor plants. Usually, the staff in such shops are gardening experts so tap into their knowledge so explain what you are looking for and they should be able to advise you. Look for healthy looking plants when buying to give them the best start in their new home too.

Plant Care, Maintenance and Accessories

The key to successfully maintaining your own indoor urban garden is getting to grips with the needs of the plants. Consider room temperature, how much light the plant will get and how much water it needs and then you’ll enjoy all the benefits plants bring to a home. Plant labels give the specific instructions required for each plant so keep them for future reference. Add in some stylish plant accessories such as baskets, metal or terracotta pots and a smart looking watering can and you’ll be well equipped to keep your plants looking their best.

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All photos courtesy of Optimus Graden

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