Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

We had a great response to our guide to framing and hanging art prints and a lot of requests for ideas of what to hang to brighten up your homes.

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We spent time at the Hockney exhibition last week and were really struck by his amazing use of colour and mix of abstraction and naturalism.

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So, inspired by the master, here are today’s top 10 amazing new art pieces. These would all look fantastic in a modern setting. And each would add bursts of colour to balance all the greys and neutrals we’re seeing everywhere.

Our favourite art prints and signed iconic art

Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

This is a striking giclee print from contemporary artist David Wightman. This piece is from a Limited Edition of 25 on paper. We love the futuristic sci-fi mix of colours which make it somewhere between landscape and abstraction. Wightman finds inspiration from Japanese Wood-Block prints to classical landscape paintings resulting in a collection of sublime and archetypical beautiful landscapes. ‘Persephone’ is signed and numbered by the artist. We’d put this one in a white wooden box frame. £287 framed

Space Age
Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

Sticking with the space-age theme, we love this blue and orange print of the solar system. Jazzberry Blue is a self taught artist currently based in Canada. After dropping out of university, he spent several years living in India as a painter. Since his return to the west, digital illustration has become his main form of communication. We think this would suit a light oak picture frame for that upscale schoolroom look £45

It's called 'Love'
Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

We love this giclee print from SYRETT. It has a clear resonance of Hirst’s spin paintings, but has a brightness and depth of colour that we found irrestible. It depicts an abstract disc of marbled pattern, achieved from a convergence of colourful nail-varnishes to create other-worldly designs. Red, green and pink meld together in swirling patterns and intense mid-shades. We could stare at this all day. This would suit a punchy silver-wooden box frame. £338 framed

Surface View My Beirut II Mural
Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

If you want something striking to cover a whole wall, how about this amazing mural from Surface View? It’s a photo of a location in Beirut from a postcard from the 1950s. The blue skies and swimming pool are enhanced, giving the image a superb lifelike quality and comes from a collection by contemporary designer Rana Salam. OK, so it's not quite the cool LA swimming pools of Hockney, but neo brutalism never looked so glamorous. £150-450

Van Gogh Paint chip Print
Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

If like most interiors fans, you have a thing for colour chip swatches and their descriptive names, you’ll love this. We missed out on the Hockney one the artist Nick Smith did, but we can’t stop staring at this one!  Smith works in the most unlikely of mediums: using only the humble Colour Chip swatch and clever colour theory, Smith recreates iconic artworks, from Warhol’s Marilyn to Hockney’s ‘Bigger Splash’.

‘Van Gogh’ is a limited edition, reduced size print of Smith’s 2014 original, which reimagines the iconic 1889 self portrait of the Dutch Post-Impressionist, using little squares of colour swatches, each one with a descriptive name associated to the tone, from Labrador to Guacamole. £145

NYC in Orange
Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

We love architectural art, but it can be a little dry and grey. Not this one. Bring back memories of NYC and Brooklyn, this is a dramatic orange-toned image of the Manhattan Bridge, itself an iconic section of the New York City skyline. Erin's work is inspired by her frequent world travel: she has lived in New York, Santa Fe and Africa, all of which have greatly influenced her sense of colour and form. £45-250

Oh, Mickey!
Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

Pop culture has no bigger icon than Mickey Mouse, or maybe Andy Warhol, or wait …maybe Lou Reed? All three are recalled in this stunning signed screen print from David Spiller. His works are filled with energy, life and vibrant colours and often feature iconic cartoons and comic book characters. This one takes Disney character Mickey Mouse as the focal point with text, shapes and the words ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ underneath the main image. Previous David Spiller releases have sold out fast and becoming highly sought after, so we can’t imagine this piece to be around for long. This piece is signed and numbered by the artist.£895

Bigger than Mickey?
Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

This one is just amazing. Vibrant Marilyn’ is a framed, mixed media original by contemporary artist Dan Pearce. The piece is signed by the artist. ‘Vibrant Marilyn’ features a blown-up image of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic portrait. Pearce has set the image within an ornately gilded antique frame and painted the whole piece - spilling onto the frame - in exquisite daubs of brightly coloured spray paint. We just love the way the colour extends from the print to the frame. Who knew spray painting over an icon could make her look more beautiful? £1,750

Elegant downtime
Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

Marilyn also gets a new take on her iconic image in this framed photographic print. The blonde bombshell is seen relaxing and reading the newspaper, perhaps about her latest escapade or film, as she runs her hand through the tousled locks that made her famous. Very different from the more familiar public Monroe shots, this would look great on a picture wall amongst some b&w shots of your own jet-setting family. £134.

Solar colours
Art Prints and Amazing Iconic Signed Art

Another take on the solar system design from Jazzberry Blue is this print. This has something of the mid-century school classroom about it. Planetary science never looks so cool. £45

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