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Secrets to Home Office Design for Productivity

Working from home in a home office is both good and bad for your productivity. Not having to commute and having the option to work at any time is great. At the same time, you also have more distractions and the temptation of doing nothing all day that comes with knowing that the bedroom is only a few steps away.

A study by Harvard Business Review revealed that people tend to be more productive when the work environment suits them perfectly. In other words, you need a home office designed for maximum productivity. To help you get the space you need, here are the secrets that you need to follow.

Consider a Garden Office

Garden offices are not only affordable but also come in different forms and layouts. You only need to look at the options once to realise just how functional – and affordable – they can be; you can find garden offices here if you want to start reviewing your options.

A garden office gives you the best of both worlds. You can customise the space to suit your work habits, which means you can tailor everything for maximum productivity. At the same time, you can step away from the house (and go to the office) without spending hours commuting.

There are a few things to consider before going for a garden office. The space of your garden, the right garden office building, and how you will utilise the new space (i.e. the kind of work you do) will determine the effectiveness of your new home office.

Start with a Desk and a Chair

A comfortable work environment starts with the desk and the chair you use. You want a desk that is big enough for your work, but not too big that it ends up making the space appear cluttered. You also want a chair that pairs well with that desk.

The goal here is to be as comfortable as you can be in the work environment you set up for yourself. The more comfortable you are when working at your desk, the easier it will be to focus on the tasks you need to complete.

A standing desk paired with an ergonomic chair works really well. An electric standing desk with pre-sets is even better. With an electronic standing desk, you can alternate between sitting down while working hard and standing up to refresh.

Limiting Distractions

One more thing you can do to turn your home office into a space that encourages productivity is limiting distractions. There are several ways you can do this, starting with making sure that you can prevent others from entering the home office and disturbing you while you are working.

A calming scent and Bluetooth speakers are also great additions too. You can even go so far as adding some soundproofing so that the children’s yells and the sound of the TV aren’t bothering you as much. When designing a home office, consider these elements from the start.

With these secrets in mind, creating the perfect home office for maximum productivity should not be difficult at all. Don’t be surprised to find yourself actually getting more things done when working from home compared to the corporate office.

Jessica Sweet: Jess is a lifestyle writer and lover of all things homes and gardens.

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