Beautiful, practical elegance in Holland Park

Last week we explored a 1920s mock Tudor home in London’s Richmond Park, redesigned by Roselind Wilson. This week we visit another of Roselind’s project in another London park. This period property with its contemporary no-nonsense design is a word away from the mock-Tudor charm of Richmond Park, yet still fulfils the needs of a young London family.

Keeping things simple

The Scottish owners of this Holland Park property requested a simple, pared down design scheme, free from fuss and clutter. With their young boys in mind the owners wanted everything to be practical and durable, easy to clean and easy to keep ‘looking nice’. Throughout the property there are rounded edges and stuff-free surfaces. The odd book or item of artwork lifts the scheme and gives hints about the people who live here.

Prior to Roselind’s arrival on scene the home was renovated by Michaelis Boyd Associates Architects. This meant that Roselind went straight into a structurally sound, beautifully finished home; she could go straight in and get on with the design.

Soft, muted colours have been used throughout the property, giving the scheme a gentle warmth. Rooms were left white, maximising the light and space. All the windows at the front of the property have been left undressed, aiding the simple design and allowing any available London light to fill the rooms.

Fun was had choosing lighting for the property; the clients favourite is a pendant light hanging in the hallway. The Hope light, by Luceplan, emits a soft glittery light over the hall’s harlequin floor. Other favourite pieces include the Starflower Blue rug by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, supplied by Loomah, currently brightening up the home’s conservatory, and 3D paint wallpaper ‘dripping’ down the boys’ bedroom walls.

Home in time for Christmas

Every design project has its challenges. The owners of Holland Park wanted to have their home ready in time to enjoy Christmas there as a family. It was touch and go says Roselind, but they all worked hard with a Christmas end in sight and it all came together in the end.

This was also the first time that the owners had used the services of an interior designer, and they were naturally cautious. Roselind and her team put together some 3D renders, so that the clients could see what the rooms would look like when they were finished. This gave the clients the confidence to give the go ahead, and they love the end result.

Roselind is currently working on the client’s country home.

Design Space

We have now nosed around two of Roselind’s London design schemes and they couldn’t be more different. We asked Roselind how she works with such different clients, where she gets her inspiration from, and how she gets into the design space.

It’s about finding the best way to reach a beautiful outcome

“As Creative Director I get a good feel for what the client wants – I love meeting new clients and establishing relationships. As I am a good judge of personality I can direct the team accordingly. The philosophy is about each team member utilising their best skills to reach a beautiful outcome,” says Roselind. She also confesses that she gets a thrill out of establishing new relationships, a useful kink in the design industry when you have to get to know someone quickly, and well enough to work in their home.

Roselind likes to get clients involved in the designs, so that she knows that she is doing something for them; it is about creating homes, not just grand designs.  Roselind says that her job as director is only 25 per cent design, the rest is spreadsheets, renders and management. She is always thinking about ‘what can go wrong’ a mind set essential to making sure that designs are liveable, and that they will stand the test of time.

Roselind gets inspiration from all around her, appreciating the useful tools that recent technology has brought to design – from 3D renders to inspire confidence in cautious clients to Pinterest to brainstorm design on the go, helping clients get involved in a far more fluid design process. But Roselind also loves the timelessness of good design – that you can pick up a design magazine from years ago and still find inspiration within its folds.

More Information

Roselind Wilson Designs are based in London and work in the UK and internationally, provided interior design and architectural services. Roselind Wilson Design 9 Lonsdale Road, London, NW6 6RA, 020 3371 1779,

Thank you again to them and to the Holland Park home owners for sharing their home with us!

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