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Modern Heroes: The Brighter Mattress Co

Promising a Better Next Day with their unique new mattress

There’s a quite revolution going on in the bedroom.  For as long as anyone can remember, buying a mattress meant going to an out-of-town store, lying on a bed fully clothed with your shoes on feeling just a little bit awkward as you road test the firmness, springs and look and feel. And then either you lug the thing home, or wait for the delivery guys to negotiate it through your living room and up your stairs. This to be followed by the hunt for a big knife or pair of scissors to get all that wrapping plastic off the thing.


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New Generation Thinking

Not so with the new generation of mattresses that you order online, that get shipped straight away and arrive in a metre-tall box. The latest entrant to this revolution in mattresses is the Brighter Mattress Co and they’re doing a few things that at first sight seem crazy, reckless and well, brave, until you talk to them and realise their passion and genuine belief in what they have made.

You can only buy the mattresses online. They only come in one firmness (of course they come in multiple sizes!). They arrive in a box, and they only come to life when you unpack them. They believe in simplicity and deep passion for quality of what they offer. So much so that they are confident their one mattress will prove to be your perfect mattress and will bring you a better next day.

Unlike other mattress companies we don’t just want to sell you a mattress. We want to help you become a better, brighter version of yourself. You can be more productive, more lively and more fun

IDEALIST: Why did you decide to only offer one firmness of mattress?

Brighter: We believe based on loads of research and testing that we’ve got it just right. We offer a 100 day free trial if you are not completely satisfied and so far feedback from customers has been amazing!

IDEALIST: Why does the mattress get delivered in a box?

Better for you and the World

Brighter:  Traditional mattresses are unwieldy, heavy and impossible to manage on your own. The Brighter mattress comes packed inside our Brighter box for convenience and portability. Packaging our mattress into a box allows us to fit more boxes onto our vans and reduce the impact on the environment. This also offers you easy storage and manoeuvrability within the home.

IDEALIST: The mattresses are all made here in the UK. Why did you choose to make them here?

Brighter:  We are proud to be UK manufacturers and are very concerned about the quality of our mattresses. Having all of the manufacturing done in the UK ensures we have high levels of quality control. The UK has a rich history of bed and mattress manufacturing and we love the idea of being a part of that.

IDEALIST: What are the mattresses made of and how do they feel?

Brighter:  They’re made of 3 different densities of foam and memory foam. Our mattress is soft and supportive, moulding to the contours of your body in all the right places. Certain areas are firmer than others, offering the optimum level of support to the places that need it. People often describe laying on a Brighter mattress as having ‘floating’ feeling, it’s so supportive.

Brighter Next Day

IDEALIST: You talk about a ‘brighter next day’ philosophy. What does that mean?

Brighter:  The brighter next day philosophy is all about trying to bring the bed out of the bedroom. We all love a great night’s sleep and understand the importance of it, however you don’t necessarily associate the benefits of sleep with what happens during the daytime. Improved sleep will leave you more alert, attentive and feeling great.

Are you after that great promotion? You need a good night’s sleep to deliver the perfect pitch in the interview. Want to spend more time with your kids? Get better sleep and you can join them running around the park.

Sleep is an often over-looked part of healthy living. You have diet, exercise and sleep. Each is just as important as the next and ignoring one will have a major impact on how well the others perform.  You wouldn’t go to the gym and then eat a ton of junk food, would you? The same principle applies to sleep. In fact, athletes have been praising the importance of sleep in exercise routines for a good while now.

The Future

IDEALIST: What’s next for Brighter?

Brighter:  The next natural step would be to release a line of bedding, some pillows and other bed related goodies. We are already researching some exciting new innovations in these categories, but we also want to play a major role in helping people improving their sleep. For that reason I could certainly see us release a Brighter sleep companion app that would track your sleep and give you helpful advice on how to make the most of your routine.

After that: who knows? We work closely with professional athletes so you could see brighter as the official mattress sponsor of individuals/teams pretty soon!


Save Big in the Brighter Mattress Spring Sale
with 100 Day Free Trial and Free Next Day Delivery!


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