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An Heirloom Colour Scheme: Georgian Green

Just as heirloom tomatoes and carrots are appreciated by today’s gourmands, heritage hues from iconic eras in European history are all the rage in interior design. One legacy hue that seems especially fresh and new for fall is Georgian green.

Much loved in drawing and dining rooms in the Georgian period (1714-1830), the original yellowish-green colour has broadened into a tonal palette that includes seafoam and blue green variations. This palette of greens and blues is fairly neutral, and also calm and soothing. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a formal dining room, here are a few ideas for dressing it up with a Georgian green-inspired palette.

Set the Backdrop

The walls are a great place to start. The most familiar scheme will be one with a version of Georgian green matt paint on the walls, perhaps interspersed with white trim. Little Greene Paint & Paper has been making wall treatments since Georgian times – they have a wide range of historic greens all available at John Lewis. Their Boxington matt emulsion is just one of many that could anchor a Georgian green scheme.

Wallpaper can also work really well to introduce all the main notes of the palette without committing to a solitary hue. This allows you a lot of flexibility to choose and use furniture pieces and accessories that pick up or echo the colours in the intensity you prefer. Check out this gorgeous Sanderson wallpaper design for inspiration. £65

Design the Dining Area

For dining tables, you can certainly pair monochromatic or wallpapered walls with paler woods for a light and airy neoclassical Scandinavian vibe. But magical Georgian green can also hold its own against darker woods like walnut and mahogany for a more Georgian or Colonial feel.

This dark ash black lacquered dining table from Lombok would look terrific against a gentle green backdrop. £495 Adding not quite matching bistro chairs completes a look that can skew retro, Asian or very contemporary depending on how you accessorise. £165

Adding Finer Touches

Another bonus to basing your design strategy around a colour like Georgian green is the fact that it mixes particularly well with copper or gold-toned accessories, another popular trend these past few seasons.

Imagine this copper chandelier gently glowing over a dining table against serene green walls. £240 Or this elegant copper bar trolley standing by loaded with drinks paraphanalia. £249 You could also gild the lily by setting your table with gold finish cutlery. £95

Whatever your style (and, more to the point, whatever the style of your existing furniture ), Georgian green can elevate your decor game in the dining room by adding a touch of history, glamour and serenity.

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