Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

Here at The Idealist we’ve spotted a number of designers and stores using copper in their decorative pieces and accessories.

It’s everywhere – from Tom Dixon through to Habitat and Heal’s.

We love the warmth and style that a few well chosen pieces in copper bring to a room. Habitat especially have really gone to town with this trendy metal, and we love it. Teaming some of their pieces with choice accessories from, say, Tom Dixon, will make your living or dining area look glamorous this season!

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Copper can be used to make all sorts of ornaments, decoration pieces, household items and even larger pieces of furniture. They give your house a comfortable, antique and lavish look and add a bit of colour and interest to your surroundings. It’s a great choice of material for accessories like lamps or candle holders because it’s warm, elegant and luxurious.

As well as how great they look, copper items are solid and long lasting.  Make sure you polish them regularly to keep them looking shiny and new. Unless, of course, you love the patina of aged metal – and if you do, you’re in good company!

With so much to choose from this season, it can be overwhelming – so we’ve scoured our favourite shops and designers to find the best pieces to showcase this trend.

Our favourite copper accessories

Glamour with poise
Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

Do you need a bedside lamp or a lamp for your study table? If so, then the POISE Walnut and Copper LED Desk Lamp is for you. Made of wood and finished with copper, this sophisticated looking lamp comes with an adjustable arm and inbuilt energy efficient LED strip lighting. The adjustable arm allows you to direct light in the required direction. £120.

Elegant vase
Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

Also from Habitat, this vase would look great with some dried branches in it decorated with tiny LED lights. It has an eye-catching design and a matt finish with contrasted detailing to add some texture. The large vase can be used as a standalone piece or with a similar small Copper vase. £30.

Light up the table
Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

Finally from Habitat, how about a perfect centrepiece for your dining table? If so, then the Klein Copper Tea Light Candelabra (pictured centre) is ideal for you. With a modern Scandinavian design, this tea light candelabra is made of brass and plated with copper. It has 9 adjustable arms to hold your tea lights. £45.

Copper bottomed elegance
Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

We love the Real Good Chair from Blu Dot at Heal's. It's delivered flat packed (self-assembly designer style!) and the copper finish will tarnish over time to give a unique weathered effect. Since it is made of copper it is lightweight and gives a sober and sophisticated look to the surroundings. It's also available as a bar stool and in black. £345

A luxury table lamp
Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

From Heal's, the metallic Bristol table lamp is made of copper and is the perfect addition to your table as it gives ample amount of light to the surroundings and is a chic addition to any room. It's also available in marble, walnut and concrete. Whichever choice you make this has a real luxury feel. Just don't forget the bulb! £79.

Warm light
Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

Sticking with lighting, this Orient Pendant Light has a copper surface that is finished with clear lacquer. Its crown is made of rosewood and a black textile cord gives the pendant light a soft look. The lamp has slits across its surface which let light filter into the surroundings. This lamp is powered by a low energy light source which gives a pleasant and soft light.

The Orient is available in two different sizes and you can select whether you want a 3 meter or 6 meter cord. The Orient is also available in black. £335-£519.

Tom Dixon elegance
Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

Are you looking for a new pendant light and want to make an impact? Or do you need to light up a dim corridor? The Copper Wide Pendant Light is a beautiful addition to Tom Dixon's range. The Copper Wide Pendant Light has copper’s characteristic metallic glow that is achieved through vacuum metallization, which sounds . It is available in several other shapes and sizes ranging from £255 to £410.

Not quite a copper bottom
Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

Staying with Tom Dixon, this elegant chair is available as a low or high backed version and is ideal for use as a dining chair or side chair. Scoop sports either sleek black, glamorous brass-coated or copper-plated steel legs. Since we love all things copper, we say copper all the way. The black seat is upholstered and very comfortable. £995.



A different pendant
Copper: Get the rich, warm look this season

If you're a fan of midcentury designers how about this pendant light from John Lewis? It's a good choice for your kitchen, hallway or bedroom. The Verpan Moon Pendant is an elegant solution for many spaces and looks out of this world lit up. It is made of real finished copper and gives off a soft light into the room. And you're thinking where does midcentury come in? Well, it's designed by none other than Verner Panton, designer of some of the most iconic furniture pieces of the twentieth century. Love it. 


Courtesy The feature image shown is of Tom Dixon's copper pendant light courtesy of Rume starting at £255.

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