Feather & Black Bedroom Sale - Our Last-Minute Picks

Our Last Minute Pick of the Feather & Black Bedroom Sale!

The Feather & Black bedroom sale is now on!

Our favourite furniture store right now has a sale on across their range with amazing savings all round. At least three of the team at The Idealist have bought bedsteads and accessories from Feather & Black way before we even started the magazine.

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So we couldn’t pass this sale by without sharing with you some of the pieces we spotted that we love.

Whether your taste is Colonial, Scandi minimalist, French country or Antique, there are pieces here to fit the bill. And these discounts mean that you’ll sleep a little sounder tonight.

The Sienna range bed
The Feather & Black bedroom sale is now on

You'll have spotted before that here at The Idealist, we are big fans of yellow and grey as a combination. There's just something so elegant about grey wooden furniture with the right accessories. It looks like the whole of the gorgeous Sienna range is on sale right now, starting with this bed which is down from £1249 to £775 which is over 35% off by our reckoning. It's in solid weathered oak and has a beautiful upholstered headboard front and back (which means if you're lucky enough to have a room big enough to have the bed away from the wall, it looks great from the back too -- how many of us can say that?!)

Sienna coordinating furniture
The Feather & Black bedroom sale is now on

Also in the sale are the matching furniture pieces from the Sienna range (likewise in weathered oak). These aren't just the usual bedside tables and wardrobes either -- there are two sizes of writing desk/dressing table, a sofa, and a beautiful crescent bench to go at the foot of the bed. All of these already looked way more expensive than they are, so at these prices, they're pretty hard to resist!


A trip down the Loire valley
The Feather & Black bedroom sale is now on

We've had our eye on this one for a while. It reminds me of my first fateful trip to France as an exchange student when we got to visit all the beautiful chateaux of the Loire valley. As a girl from the suburbs, crunching across the gravel of Chenonceaux I found the whole thing both awe-inspiring and (to be honest) a little humbling. I've still not got the money for my own slice of the Loire valley, but a girl can dream. It's down from £1199 to £799 and is built from solid weathered oak (and they tell us it matches the Sienna range too). Happy days -- and happier nights!

Somewhere for your throw and your paperbacks
The Feather & Black bedroom sale is now on

While we're dreaming of the elegant French life, here's somewhere to fling your nineteenth century novels and that antique throw you wrap around you while you're reading love poetry (or maybe Fifty Shades!). The bench is designed to go at the foot of your bed of course and adds an extra touch of upscale elegance to the French country living ambience.

It's down from £599 to £385.



Colonial in colour
The Feather & Black bedroom sale is now on

We featured this one in our recent article on Greenery - the colour of the year for 2017. At the time we favoured it in black to go with our Colonial jungle theme, but we spotted that you can get it in duck egg blue too. So, we're gonna go for that. There's just something so fresh and Spring-like about duck egg blue and it's down from £499 to £275. It's in powder-coated tubular steel, but has the look of Victorian cast iron by the way. Forgot to say that.

Finish it off properly!
The Feather & Black bedroom sale is now on

I've got a confession to make. We bought a flatpack bed once when we moved into our first house together, my better half and I, and we forgot to buy nice bedlinen to go with the new bed we'd lugged all the way from the-furniture-warehouse-which-shall-not-be-named. And it looked awful. So disappointing. So, learn from our mistake and get some luxury bedlinen to go with your fabulous new bed. You won't regret it. They've got a bunch of colours and it's super cheap right now (starting at £9), so you can mix and match and afford to have some spare sets.

Hop over to Portugal too
The Feather & Black bedroom sale is now on

If your taste in bedlinen is more Moorish and colourful, we also love this Azulejo jacquard bedlinen in blue. It just looks so sumptuous and decadent, doesn't it? I'm picturing nights of romance in castles in the mountains! The duvet is down from £80 to £60 too.

A bit of Scandi!
The Feather & Black bedroom sale is now on

We promised a bit of Scandi too, so to finish off, how about this understated Pimlico bed by Ercol which is down from £975 to £599. OK Ercol are wonderfully British and were founded by an Italian, but you know what we mean. This bed is in an elegant, modern design with simple lines and beautiful wood. This would suit any style of home really (and don't tell anyone but -- this is the bed we have at home when we finally gave up on the MDF one we kept moving from house to house -- and we LOVE it. We've got the matching tables too). Only slight niggle is we paid full price back in the day.

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