Dulux Colour of the Year 2018: How to Bring Heart Wood into Your Home

The interiors world was on tenterhooks awaiting the decision from the 15th year of Colour Futures, Dulux’s internal trend research that identifies the one hero paint colour to rule them all (for the next year at least!). It took 18 months of discussion by a panel of design industry aficionados that considered current affairs, global trends and insights in order to capture the mood and tone of a nation. It was no easy feat, but Heart Wood emerged as the clear winner – a mix of smoky taupe and dusky mauve to create a muted grey heather to embody a much needed calm, warmth and sanctuary in uncertain times. In the wake of 2017’s denim drift, Heart Wood flows naturally to continue the theme of tranquility, contemplation and comfort.


Now as the dust has settled, we can begin with excitement to think about how we can actually incorporate this beautiful colour into our own homes in preparation for the year ahead. With so many looks to choose from and materials to play with here’s a rundown of our top tips on how to bring Heart Wood into your home.

Material, Textures and Objects

For an instant update, try painting your front door in the shade. A subtle nod to the neighbours that your house is the most stylish on the street, the hue is welcoming and homely before you’ve even stepped through the door.

Heart Wood was chosen with comfort in mind so it seems natural to pair with luxurious velvet and leather finishes for a look that’s both pulled together as well as snug. The pallette works well with browns, so you could opt for a traditional tan leather sofa, or alternatively as the base is a warm grey try something a little different like a velvet sofa in a midnight blue. The Nottingham from Maisons du Monde is a great value option and provides the perfect colour pairing. £629.00

Heart Wood complements all sorts of materials, textures and objects due to it’s neutral undertones. It was specifically chosen to work with warm-toned timbers as well as cherry and walnut finishes over blonde woods that are favoured at the moment. This comes together to create a cosy atmosphere that’s perfect for winter months.


As ever, I find the easiest way to bring a new trend into your home is with accessories. Opt for cushions and throws as a simple trick to bring texture and colour to your space, ultimately creating an incredibly inviting environment. £60.00

If you’ve chosen to jump in and paint the walls then there are so many beautiful pieces that you can choose to accessorise from. Again because of the warm tones that run throughout Heart Wood, it’s the perfect complement to golds and coppers. The grey foundation also means it works with silver too – the colour really is a versatile treat!

Colour Palette

Dulux created a whole colour palette range that blends seamlessly to create a calming atmosphere. Colour combinations bring vitality to an interior that a monochromatic scheme often lacks. The warm pink in harmony with the other tones in this palette were devised to create three main themes: inviting, comforting and playful.


This sees us using graphic borders of dark colours to frame lighter pastels in the palette. An example is using a dark mauve on architectural features like skirting boards, in combination with Heart Wood on your walls to draw the viewer in, simultaneously looking bold yet inviting at the same time. Another great way of experimenting with colour like this is to paint the inside of an alcove in different tones of the shade to create warmth and depth. 


As the winter months go on, we spend far more time at home and deserve some comfort. The best way to create this within the Heart Wood palette is to stick to the earthy tones and mochas, pairing this with natural materials and a heritage look for grown-up luxury.


The playful scheme is where you can let loose –  You can even experiment with bold shapes in varying colours on your walls to add a exuberant splash and visual intrigue to your room. Definitely a more modern look that will see you well into next year.

It’s also a great idea to add pops of bright colour to counterbalance the cool calm neutral shade. This could be yellows or even reds that bring life and and energy into your space.


It’s the perfect time for Heart Wood to enter into the interior landscape – finally a warming neutral that works on so many levels with ease. Hopefully you’ve got some tips on how to bring this lasting trend into your home, but if you do take one piece of advice on board, it’s to remember this is about bringing tranquil relaxation to your home for a restful retreat from the world. Always style with this in mind and you won’t fail!

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All photos courtesy of respective brands & Dulux.

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