Planning a Small-Space Bedroom

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it. However, decorating a small bedroom is a challenging task because you have to ensure that you are not overloading it with furniture and accessories. Selecting the wall paint also gets tricky when you have a small bedroom.
You want to get the best bed set and furniture for your tiny room without making it seem crowded. In order to ensure that your small bedroom space is being utilised to its fullest potential, here’s a few do’s and don’ts to get your decorating plan in order.

The Do’s!

There are many ways you can go about decorating your small bedroom, but you must know where to stop. That’s why here’s a little help so you don’t overdo your small room and ensure that it is decorated minimally!

Pick a Mirrored Door Closet

We all know the old trick of adding mirrors to small spaces to make them look spacious. That’s exactly what you need to do if you are decorating a small sized bedroom. However, in order to ensure that the impact of the mirror is greater and noticeable, you must choose a closet with one or two mirrored doors. When one wall of the room is mirrored, your room will instantly appear capacious. Another advantage of adding a mirrored door closet is that it turns your room chicer and classier.

Choose Smart Furniture

Smart furniture is the one that takes less space in your room, but offers a lot of smart space for items’ storage. If you don’t want to buy a study table and a shoe rack separately, pick a smart bed that has a headboard in the form of a study table. The lower part of the bed can be designed in such a way that it makes space for your shoes or any other item you desire to store. Such furniture items are custom designed to fit a room’s size and dimensions.

Try a Built-In Headboard

When the room space is limited, you cannot add many things to the room. The walls in your small rooms must not be covered with decoration pieces because that cramps up the space, making it appear smaller. A great way to decorate your room without making it appear smaller is to design or buy a headboard that contains shelves. The shelves above the headboard can be used to place funky frames and books to save on space in the room and the shelves at the back can store all sorts of bits and bobs. The one shown here is from Ikea and comes in white or oak effect.

Use Two Colour Hues for Decoration

A small room’s walls should never be painted with dark colours because it minimises the space. And when it comes to adding a hint of colours for decoration, you must only stick to two hues. The more colour you use, the more cramped up your space will get. You can use two colours on a predominantly white room space to add life to it without compromising on its size. Your main aim should be to keep it minimal and avoid making the room too busy.

The Don’ts!

There are many things that you should stay away from while decorating your small room. Small rooms are definitely tricky to set-up. With the don’ts mentioned below, you can certainly stay away from making blunders in your small room décor.

Keep colours and patterns simple
Don’t Add too many Patterns

Patterns are tricky, especially when you have a tiny room. Although patterns are trending in home décor, you must keep them to the minimum. If you are into patterns and want to incorporate them into your room, you can choose some patterned upholstery and mix it up with neutral tones for the rest of the furniture. This is great way to make one furniture item standout in the room without making the room look confined.


pexels-photo-133919Don’t Buy a Huge Sofa

If the space in your room is limited, the last thing you would want to do is buy an oversized sofa. Yes, you must buy delicate furniture that doesn’t make the room look smaller. An oversized sofa can make your room look tacky. A sofa or a chair with a slim frame and a delicate finish is the one you need for a small room. A sofa with no handles would be a great addition to your tiny room, or an elegant but compact armchair or lounge chair might do the trick.

Don’t Over Crowd it

You can easily overcrowd a room by adding unnecessary items. When decorating a small room, you must ensure that you only pick only those furniture items that are most needed like a bed, sofa, and table. Anything extra will not fit in a small room and even if it does, it will leave your room looking like a mess.

pexels-photo-46100Don’t Go All White

Although you must balance white space smartly, you must also add colour to your room. You cannot just leave your room all white because it will look very uninteresting. Even with a small room to decorate, you must focus on making it appear stylish. A good way to enhance the look of your room, you must add colourful accessories on the wall including lamps, picture frames, and paintings.

Don’t get Small Window Treatments

When selecting window treatments or curtains, you must make sure that the curtains cover the most part of the wall, but the smallest portion of the windows. If you keep the windows covered entirely with curtains, your room will look smaller. However, larger windows need to be covered only slightly from top to bottom to give the room a spacious look.
There’s no certain way to decorate a room, but there’s definitely a list of things you must and mustn’t do. The tips mentioned in the article will help you decorate your small sized room in the most visually appealing manner.

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