Curl Up and Stay Warm on Cosy Winter Evenings

Curl Up On Cosy Winter Evenings

Winter is coming. We know it, we recognise it, and now is the need to plan for it. While summer brings its own unique challenges in terms of cooling the house, winter is all about curling up, keeping warm, being cosy, and spending more time indoors.

While the summer months may place a premium on natural light, natural air, and the open spaces that allow for easy movement throughout a room, the winter instead requires an approach that offers cosiness and comfort.

Some of the key things to think about in planning for a living room that works in winter and summer are:

  • A room that can providing lighting when there is little on offer elsewhere
  • A room that can be heated in the absence of other sources of warmth
  • One that provides escape from the colder weather outside with comfort and cosiness within.

And in the bedroom, when you’re curling up to read a good book all snug in bed, you want luxury and comfort, rich dark colours, warmth and elegance.

If you’re out shopping for pieces for that cosiness you crave, here are some fine examples to ensure your home is one that is enticing and inviting throughout the cosy winter months.

How to create the ultimate cosy winter home:

Have a Great Armchair
Curl Up and Stay Warm on Cosy Winter Evenings

There is little use being away from the cold if you don’t also find something attractive inside. The first step of bringing together a room always involves a great chair. This beautiful piece from Loaf ticks the boxes as being attractive, inviting, and serves as an anchor piece fore the room as a whole.

And a Great Footstool
Curl Up and Stay Warm on Cosy Winter Evenings

While a good chair is wonderful to sit in by itself, the addition of a footstool can make those long nights in front of the fire reading a book that much more pleasurable. Who doesn’t want to put your feet up and relax?

This wonderful piece by Loaf not only serves to complement many other pieces in the Loaf range, but also offers storage beneath the top for easy access to another blanket on those extra chilly nights. Or a place to stash all your half-read nineteenth century novels.

A Sofa That Stands Out
Curl Up and Stay Warm on Cosy Winter Evenings

With the winter comes a need for furniture that looks good all hours of the day and looks inviting, not cheap when night falls. With the shorter daylight hours, the diminished natural light (and need for indoor lighting) means finding a sofa that suits all hours of the day is essential.

This beautiful leather piece by Multiyork is sure to fit the bill. Its rich chocolate hue guarantees it will be a strong focal point of the room in the day, and a warm and inviting piece of furniture by night.

A Cosy Bed
Curl Up and Stay Warm on Cosy Winter Evenings

And if we move out of the living room to the bedroom, we definitely want a cosy bed to curl up in while the wind howls outside and rain lashes at the window.

The Provence bedstead from Feather and Black certainly looks the part, with its mix of decadence and warm wood tones. This mahogany sleigh bed has everything you want from an elegant classic-style bed and comes with a range of matching pieces to bring real style to the home.

Add Some Velvet Throws
It's the Feel of Teal - a Colour for Every Season

And once you're curled up in bed, you’ll want a gorgeous throw to keep your feet warm. Feather and Black also have some wonderful throws in a range of wools, velvet and faux fur.

However you choose to spend your time indoors during the winter (and whatever you do in the living room or bedroom) you want to ensure comfort, warmth and elegance. Now, who’s for a hot chocolate? Or maybe a brandy?

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