Winter Bedrooms: how to look and feel cosy this winter

Winter Bedrooms: how to look and feel cosy this winter

Cold weather isn’t to everyone’s taste, but who doesn’t love a cosy bedroom that brims with wintery elegance and enchantment?

Making over your bedroom to reflect the season can enhance your enjoyment of your setting while reflecting your own personal style. If you enjoy spending time in your bedroom or want to make-over all the bedrooms of your home with wintry charm, consider the following ideas that brim with cold-weather allure.

Winter Bedrooms: how to look and feel cosy this winterBedding for Winter Bedrooms

A new goose-down or duck-down duvet from Feather & Black can become the cornerstone of your cosy winter bedrooms.

You can also purchase bed linen that matches your bedroom décor or features a winter-inspired jacquard pattern.

A down comforter is not only warm, but lightweight. A high-quality duvet will also provide breathability and stop you sweating during sleep. No matter how low the temperature dips, you’re apt to remain perfectly comfortable when nestled beneath your goose down duvet.

Winter Bedrooms: how to look and feel cosy this winterThe Layered Bed

Adding layers to your bed is another tried-and-true way to inspire a cosy mood for your bedroom.

From the valance to the eiderdown quilt, you can add several layers to your bed to create a thick and comforting place to rest.

Consider adding flannel sheets along with your goose-down comforter, and even a plush blanket or two for those extra chilly nights. A mattress topper is also a terrific way to layer your bed for enhanced comfort during those long winter evenings.

Don’t forget to pile on the pillows, which will also nurture you sense of comfort and add to your room’s cosy ambiance.

Winter Bedrooms: how to look and feel cosy this winterFaux Fur

The plush texture of faux fur can definitely add to the cosy appeal of winter bedrooms.

Drape a faux fur throw atop an upholstered chair or a window seat. Faux fur area rugs will also add a cosy nuance to bedroom décor. Place one beside your bed so the first step you take each morning is a luxurious one.

You can also add some faux fur throw pillows to bedroom furnishings and your bed for added effect.

Winter Bedrooms: how to look and feel cosy this winterLighting

Winter’s days are often associated with steely grey and overcast skies. Because it darkens early during those cold winter months, it’s important to consider how lighting can impact the cosy mood of your setting.

Rather than employing a stark overhead light when spending time in your bedroom, add a lamp or two to lighten up your space just a touch. Crystal lamps make excellent choices for winter decorating with their crystalline elegance.

As an added touch of wintry charm, consider draping a strand or two of clear mini lights to along your headboard or dresser for winter elegance.

Winter Bedrooms: how to look and feel cosy this winterAdd Light with Mirrors

Another way to add light to winter bedrooms is to add mirrors to your walls or closet door.

A mirror is functional, of course, when it comes to tidying up your hairdo, but it’s wonderful for reflecting light. During the evenings when you’re enjoying a warm cup of cocoa in your bedroom, light a candle near your new mirror and enjoy the simple pleasure of its luminous reflection.

Winter Bedrooms: how to look and feel cosy this winterBlanket Box

If you’re thinking of purchasing new bedroom furniture this winter, be sure to include a blanket box on your shopping list.

This functional feature gives you a place to store your quilts and blankets while keeping them easily accessible. Some blanket boxes are outfitted with cushioned seats or are upholstered so they can double as seating for your space.

Winter Bedrooms: how to look and feel cosy this winterUpholstered Headboard

Some headboards simply aren’t designed to enhance the comfort of your bed. However, an upholstered headboard can certainly make your bed appear and feel more comfortable. When you shop at Feather & Black, you can actually select the colour you want to adorn your new headboard.

Even if you’re not in the market for a new mattress, a new headboard can be the springboard for the look of your winter bedrooms.

Window Treatments

When making over your bedroom, be sure to consider window treatments. For winter months, you’ll want to choose heavier fabrics for draperies because they can actually help block draughts when closed for the evening while enhancing privacy.

By layering your window treatments as you layer your bedding, you can further infuse that cosy feeling you crave after a long day into your room. Choose a cheerful hue for draperies or a shade that complements your bedding.

Winter Bedrooms: how to look and feel cosy this winterSeasonal Accessories

Finally, be sure to add some seasonal touches to winter bedrooms to evoke that cosy charm you’re after.

Add a few sprigs of evergreen above your window or headboard. Bring in candles for lighting in the evening and choose them with fragrances like cinnamon or pine. Add a new basket to your nightstand filled with great winter-inspired reads or your favourite magazines. You might also replace some prints on your wall with artworks that reflect wintery landscapes.

Keep these ideas in mind when decorating for the cold season. A bedroom makeover is just the thing before the long, cold winter sets in. Be sure to shop Feather & Black to find elegant bedroom accents and features that are sure to complement your winter bedroom makeover.

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