Calming Colour Scheme: Lavender & Pistachio

Certain colours evoke scents and sensations that can soothe and calm the stressed and the busy. Take lavender, for example, that particular shade of purple-pink so strongly associated with one of the world’s most fragrant flowers. Is it even possible to separate the olfactory and visual impact of a lavender drenched room? Today’s colour scheme is perfect for bedrooms, French shabby chic and traditional country looks.


French lavender from Designers Guild

Why a lavender and pistachio colour scheme works

Pair lavender with pistachio, of the pale nut, ice creamy pale green variety, and you get a sensual synthesis that’s bold yet gentle on the mind.

Where it works

We think this colour scheme was made for the bedroom, but based on some of the elegant pieces we’ve found, they’d work equally well in a bathroom or a kitchen in the French country style. You could also take them outdoors and turn a patio or terrace into a cool bower of style and comfort.

Harlequin pistachio wallpaper

How to do it

For the bedroom, one strategy for this colour scheme is to use lavender as a grounding base colour on the walls with shades of pistachio and lavender accents. The reverse could also work. Consider this matte emulsion paint in French lavender from Designers Guild, available at John Lewis £40. Or this frond patterned gravure print finish wallpaper by Harlequin for a more muted pistachio hit. Also at John Lewis from £45

Key Pieces

The bed is the likely the focal point of any bedroom whatever the colour scheme so draping it in fresh pistachio coloured bed linens or a 100% cotton lavender-based print duvet by Orla Kiely (as shown above) is also a great starting point. Or trying mixing the two. From there you can accent sparingly with smaller pieces that pick up cues from each other for just the right therapeutic or romantic energy. £70

Bedside lamp

Lighting fixtures in silver, grey or blue will offset a pastel lavender and pistachio colour scheme beautifully without detracting from the impact of the overall palette. Try this bedside lamp from Feather and Black, with its hand-crafted metal base and neutral silver shade. £145

Or take lighting in a different direction, towards a shabby chic or French country aesthetic with this neutral, yet stylish grey pendant lamp from Artisanti. £179



Pendant lamp

We love the look of a simple upholstered bench at the foot of bed. The tufted lavender velvet on shapely wooden legs finishes off the sleeping area, but is also a practical repository for cast off clothes or books. £190

A cozy accent for that bench, a subtle plaid pistachio throw from CFS which comes with a matching pillow. £32




Upholstered bench

Finishing touches

Finally, pots of the real thing to remind everyone of the source material, that headily fragrant feature of many French and English country gardens. In the summer months you may want fresh, but even in the coldest months (and black thumbs take note) you can pay tribute with these artificial lavender tubs from John Lewis. £40 Or simply hang this Claire Brooker photo print of a single lavender bud on your bedroom wall to add another hint of that iconic colour. £50


Claire Brooker photo print

More ideas

Lavender and pistachio in colour schemes lend themselves particularly well to romantic, shabby chic and French country looks but we’d also love to see a completely contemporary interior built around a lavender sofa, a soft and fluffy pistachio rug and some forward-thinking colour-blocked wallpaper and window treatments.

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