Summery Colour Scheme: Cornfields and country lanes

Inspired by the muted colours of the English countryside, this corn fields and country lanes colour scheme features yellowed neutral tones, such as straw flower, wheat, ochre and rust. This palette works with a wide variety of architectural styles, everything from Tudor style to cottage to modern industrial. This colour scheme is particularly well-suited to homes with a large, open floor plan and is reminiscent of hazy afternoons on country roads, the slow drone of an aeroplane overhead and maybe a wicker hamper full of picnic food in the boot of the car.

About the cornfields and country lanes look

The cornfields and country lanes colour scheme evokes the look of a rural path on a mid-summer’s day. Included in this palette are quiet, neutral colours with yellow hues as well as deeper tones that add warmth to the room. You can even include muted or summer green and pink tones in this palette.

When they are mixed well, these colours create a peaceful, cheerful look that brightens most any room. To create this look, use yellowed neutral colours like straw and cream on your walls. Brick walls and fireplaces are an excellent contrast to the pale walls as are sienna or terracotta floor tiles. If you don’t want to re-do your flooring and lack a brick wall, a large ochre area rug will achieve the same effect. Accent this back drop with gentle green upholstery, pillows and cupboards. Finish with peach or pale pink-hued art and accessories.

Decorative ideas using the cornfields and country lanes look

The cornfields and country lanes look works best with dark-coloured wooden or wrought-iron furniture and rooms with abundant natural light. Books in built-in or wooden bookcases are an ideal accompaniment to this look as are a few, well-chosen works of art and accessories.

Design pieces to use with this look

1. Classic table lamp.

This light-coloured table lamp from Maisons du Monde complements the cornfields and country lanes colour palette well and the classic lines evoke a traditional British country home style but with a touch of modern elegance from the grey washed-out colour. £53.99.

2. Houston trunk.

This dark leather trunk from Feather & Black works as a stylish coffee table as well as providing ample storage and evokes a laid-back poetry and boarding school vibe. £ 625.

3.Fawn-coloured cotton pillow.

This subtle peach hued pillow from Lombok is a perfect complement to today’s colour palette. £ 38.

4.Two seater sofa.

This classic French-style love seat from Swoon with soft green upholstery is the perfect foil for the cream walls and rust-coloured flooring of today’s scheme. A pared-back interpretation of French Rococo style, the hand-carved Lille armchair was the first piece Swoon ever produced and was so popular they’ve now made it into a gorgeous sofa. £ 679.

5.Ochre rug

This deep rust-coloured rug from Habitat would make an excellent addition to an entryway leading to your central living area. £ 70.

6. Off your trolley

There’s something wonderfully retro and relaxed about this industrial-style trolley also from Swoon. We can picture it loaded with cricket gear, old hardback books, or a collection of treasured objects. £ 349.

For a fresh, cheerful look that will look appropriate year-round paint your walls a neutral, yellow-hued colour, invest in ochre or rust flooring or rugs and accent your rooms with soft green, peach and pale upholstery and accent pieces. This take on summer country lanes is all about laid back, vintage hazy afternoons.

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