Bring some sunshine in with orange!

So, they say orange is the new black…?

And understandably so. If some of the latest designers are to be believed, we think this is a colour that’s here to stay. 

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Orange has literally burst onto the market and made a real impact with interior designers this season. We’re seeing a wide range of designs in this sunny shade, from outdoor furniture that’ll brighten your garden, to statement chairs and subtler accessories. Now’s truly the time to embrace a warm and very welcoming change to the home.

Read on for our latest colourful shopping tour in this bold, bright and sunny hue.

Our favourite orange interior design finds


Cocktail with Cointreau maybe?
Orange: Bring Some Sunshine Inside

Of course, no home would ever be complete without the perfect chair and Galapagos Designs have produced just that with their new Bartholomew Cocktail Chair.  With a German design dating back to the 1950’s (and legs to match!), this stunning piece quite literally hugs your body with its super soft velvet as you sit back and recline giving a vintage piece a truly modern twist – not to mention, a touch of luxury.  Currently priced at just £625.00 it’s an absolute ‘must have’ for any designer home.  These are original, vintage 1950's Bartholomew cocktail chairs re-upholstered in a combination of super soft velvet, and Traditional wool Tweed by heritage fabrics company Bute. Available as shown here in Light Orange and Dark Orange, or a range of other colours.

Luxury outdoor orange!

That said, sofas and chairs aren’t all about providing those luxurious comforts ‘inside’ the house … in fact, the Manutti Kumo Corner Garden Sofa provides a whole lot more.  Deriving its name from the Japanese word for ‘cloud’ you’ll soon be feeling Heavenly with this unique modular system, featuring adjustable and removable parts which means you can easily adapt it to suit the required space of purpose.  And don’t be fooled.  Given that the frame is made from powder coated aluminium it looks just as smart ‘inside’ of the house as ‘outside’ so your only problem will be deciding where it goes!  If the latter then rest assured that all the cushions have comfortable, quick drying fillings, not to mention a wide range of water resistant covers, backed up with welded seams for extra protection against the elements.  The set itself is extremely versatile, featuring seats, armrest and back cushions and is available at £13,990.00.

Stick a brolly up!
Orange: Bring Some Sunshine Inside

With promises of yet another fantastic summer and balmy evenings ahead, this garden sofa would definitely sit well next to the new Gulliver garden parasol which comes all the way from Belgium in true light-hearted style since it’s basically an oversized old fashioned brolly – just slightly bigger than your average one since it measures 295cm across and stands at 266cm tall!  Supported by a strong integrated base and (as you might expect) being totally waterproof, it provides 3 metres of shelter making it the perfect accessory for entertaining in whatever the weather might bring!  Bound to be the talking point of your evening this super accessory is priced at £1050. What better way to get the neighbours talking and, quite literally, singing in the rain?!

Live it up in orange
Orange: Bring Some Sunshine Inside

Of course, if the weather really IS that bad (and let’s be honest, it certainly can be!) then why not delight your guests with indoor entertainment on this stunning orange sofa from Living It Up.  Normally priced at just £829.00 it’s currently on sale at £704, so this splendid sofa certainly offers value for money with its perfect combination of heritage style buttoning mixed with a sharp, witty and modern profile.  As you might expect, it’s completely handcrafted in the UK so be sure to expect slight variations in colour – yet minus any compromise on style and design.

Throw some shade
Orange: Bring Some Sunshine Inside

It goes without saying, of course, that any new design needs to be teamed with the right accessories and as far as orange goes you’d struggle to find anything more designer than Heal’s cotton (and hand-made) lampshade.  Designed by Anna Jacobs and priced at only £70.00 this stunning piece can either be used as a lamp base or, for an even bigger statement, as a ceiling pendant.  See here for further details and availability.

Orange crush
Orange: Bring Some Sunshine Inside

On the subject of bargain accessories you’d be mad to miss out on the recently reduced orange linen cushion by Heals.  Woven from pure linen and packed to the brim with a soft feather pad this accessory can either be used to make a statement on its own or as a layering cushion with other colours and fabrics.  It’s currently on sale at just £38.00 (reduced from its original sale price of £45.00) and can be found here. And they’re designed and made in the UK, so no need to worry about your carbon footprint!

Youthful elegance
Orange: Bring Some Sunshine Inside

If you’re looking for the ultimate in entertaining at home then you need to find your comfort zone – and if that involves maximum loafing you won’t go far wrong with the Young Bean Sofa from Loaf.  If you’ve always fancied a Chesterfield but still feel a bit too young to take the plunge then this velvet covered number is definitely your perfect solution!  Not only that, it’s also being offered at the reduced price of £1945.00 (compared to its original selling price of £2045.00), is handmade to order and can be with you within 9 weeks!  So now’s the time to feel completely grown up, minus the price tag!   (PS you can swop the coffee cup for a wine glass … honest!)

Orange love
Orange: Bring Some Sunshine Inside

Of course, if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge with a ‘long term’ piece of furniture, you could always invest in the quirky Cutie Pie Sofa Bed!  This gorgeous little love seat number does exactly what it says.  By day time it’s the perfect snuggling chair for relaxing in and by night time it transforms itself into a seriously handy single bed!  Better than all that, it’s also reduced to £1515.00 from £1595.00 and is currently available from Loaf.

Show some scents
Orange: Bring Some Sunshine Inside

Finally, no trip around the home would ever be complete without the right ambience so for that perfect burst of orange be sure to try this subtle little number from Future and Found.  Priced at just £22.00 (again reduced from its original price of £26.00) it’s quite simply the icing on the cake for your ideal home.

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