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When you are ready to enliven your living space with a new decorative plan, you might consider thumbing through wallpaper samples before you reach for that can of paint. Wallpaper has made a decided comeback in the world of interior design, and its patterns and styles are more varied than ever, allowing you to infuse both personality and artistry into your home.

Designers like Juliet Travers are featuring wallpaper lines inspired by nature, geography, and bold colour contrasts. With today’s eclectic wallpaper designs, you can change the look of your living room with a new-coordinating colour scheme that brims with eye-catching appeal complemented by a hint of outdoorsy charm.

Safari Style

safari style

While yesteryear’s wallpaper artists relied heavily on floral motifs, today’s designers like Juliet Travers and John Lewis are opting for nature-inspired wallpapers that teem animals. Travers has created an exciting Safari collection of wallpapers that are inspired by East African wildlife. In Nakuru, Travers celebrates the renowned lake and its resident flamingo population in a print that is flamboyant without being too overpowering. Its silver, pink, and dark tones underscore its sophisticated colour palette, which is sure to elevate your living room’s style while infusing nature-inspired beauty into your decorative plan. Travers also features fabrics that coordinate with her wallpapers to help home decorators easily rebrand their spaces. Price per Roll: £120 (ex VAT)

Tropical Interest

To create a bold look for your setting, consider opting for a heavily illustrated wallpaper print like the Cole & Son Savuti Wallpaper available from John Lewis. Named for one of Africa’s most revered national parks, the Savuti wallpaper features a medley of baboons and hoopoes set within a dramatic setting of flowering trees. With its shades of orange and brown, this pattern will bring a dramatic nuance to any room as it infuses its tropical aura into your space. As the pattern is a work of art in itself, you’ll need few other props for your walls to create visual interest, but you can easily complement this wallpaper with mirrors, sconces, or even a few contrasting prints that help tie your room’s colour scheme together. Price £80.00

British Isles Woodland Charm

If you’re hoping to blend your interior with your home’s native setting, consider Travers’ signature Albion Collection that takes its design cues from landscapes of the British Isles. The Nutcracker wallpaper is a delightfully versatile print that is easy to pair with both vintage-inspired and contemporary decorative plans. It features elegantly wrought tree branches traversed by Britain’s red squirrels set atop a backdrop of dark blue. Its metallic accents fairly shimmer, which almost lends movement to this design. Its understated beauty will not overpower your décor, but it’s sure to add a hint of grandeur to your walls. Price per Roll: £130 (ex VAT)

Pop of Colour

If you want to lighten up your living space with colour, opt for Secret Garden by Juliet Travers, a design nod to the English classic novel and a gorgeous depiction of British garden flowers like daffodils, daisies, and bluebells. Butterflies and bees dart between the blooms to create a meadow scene that’s ideal for transforming nearly any room of your home. This pattern features a soft white background and bright shades of yellow, blue, and red. If you live in an urban setting, this illustrated wallpaper is a terrific way to add outdoor style to your setting. Price per Roll: £150 (ex VAT)

If you’re looking for jewel tones to complement your meadow-inspired room, be sure to consider the John Lewis Hummingbird Tree wallpaper set atop a background of champagne. £25.00

Pond Life

Water is the perfect way to introduce the idea of movement as well as serenity into your living space. To create a tranquil living room makeover, be sure to consider the Regal wallpaper design by Juliet Travers. Also featured in the Albion Collection, Regal is inspired by the Serpentine in Hyde Park and showcases elegant swans swimming between vines and pale pink lotus blooms. Its fairytale sweetness is tempered by its refined colour scheme. This wallpaper is a lovely choice for living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Price per Roll: £150 (ex VAT)

Nature-inspired wallpapers help you create a setting that is unlike any other. Today’s designers feature bold patterns that depict wildlife and botanicals in new and exciting ways. Foxy faces, dancing elephants, scruffy cows, and silhouetted monkeys will bring a zest for life to your bare walls. Complemented by dazzling blooms, broad-leaf plants, and stately trees, these scenes will take your living room to a place it’s never been before—a place you’ll be thrilled to call your home.

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