Add a Splash of Acid Colour

Add a Splash of Acid Colour with Accessories

In the dark light of winter, we all need something to brighten up our days and today’s collection of accessories and art pieces certainly do that. We’ve gone a bit crazy for adding splashes of acid colour today.

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Whether you’re drawn to bright colours in your interior design or you prefer to keep things neutral, a hint of bright colours can elevate a space from boring to brilliant with very little effort.

If you’re unsure, opt for accessories rather than larger, investment pieces like furniture. This way, you can swap them with the seasons, or test a splash of bright colour without having to commit.

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A pop of acid colour in the right setting can really give your space and your mood a lift!

Our favourite acid colour accessories

Pretty in Pink
Add a Splash of Acid Colour with Accessories

This ‘defaced duchess’ canvas art from the French Bedroom Co really stands out for its iconoclastic take on a Dutch master!

Made in England by Mineheart, the Defaced Duchess Canvas is part of the Renaissance Collection and features a Duchess with a large pink paint mark over her face printed onto canvas. This fascinating print, reminiscent of a classic Dutch master's painting, comes with a cleverly integrated large ornate frame printed directly onto the canvas. Shown here with Rock Luxe Chair £359 and Grey Kilim, £299.

All are from The French Bedroom Company. The largest size is currently reduced from £687 to £549 and is 137cm x 173 cm

The Queen Rocks
Add a Splash of Acid Colour with Accessories

Staying with iconoclasm, how about this on of a kind digital painting on canvas from Italian artist Slasky?  £1,172.

Hallo, Spaceboy
Add a Splash of Acid Colour with Accessories

Or everyone’s favourite icon, David Bowie, in Ziggy Stardust-inspired NASA spacesuit also from Slasky in Italy on Fine Art Seen. 70w x 90h cm  £792

Looking back to earth
Add a Splash of Acid Colour with Accessories

Looking back to earth from space, maybe, how about this stunning yellow globe which will add style and interest to your home and also doubles as a lamp to create a wonderful ambience. The educational globe features over 2000 place names including countries, cities, oceans and deserts and comes with an LED bulb (save the planet while you admire it!. Presented in a retro inspired gift box with the words ‘See the world see the light’, the lamp makes a great gift for globetrotters, map lovers and children of all ages. £79.99.

Another style icon
Add a Splash of Acid Colour with Accessories

Sticking with orange, this iconic sofa is the perfect addition to any modern home. This is a high quality sympathetic reproduction of a Danish classic by Finn Juhl that will have a place in your home for the years to come. It's retro angled solid oak legs and curved lines ensure it to be a statement piece for your home. £569.99

Acid Yellow
Add a Splash of Acid Colour with Accessories

This ink spot lampshade in acid yellow and midnight blue is designed and handmade in a UK studio by the good people of Love Frankie. We think it looks great with a bold flex in cotton or rubber and really brings a bold and playful style to your decor. It’s like Acid House never ended! It’s in 4 sizes from £35-60.

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