A Boutique Retreat in Porto

In the heart of Porto is ROSA ET AL, a contemporary guesthouse created by two talented siblings. Inspired by their own travels while growing up this ‘bed and brunch’ boutique hotel is a dream for those who love travel, art and what’s beautiful.


Emanuel Sousa, along with his sister Patricia, are both co-creators of ROSA ET AL, a boutique hotel in the art steeped district, Cedofeita in Porto, Portugal. A multi- disciplinary visionary, Emanuel is an artist, architect, painter, writer. actor, director and designer. This article is part of an upcoming multi feature that highlights Emanuel’s endeavours and his favourites spots in the district, including the best designers, galleries, vintage shops, theatres and more. Make sure to read them all, together creating the perfect Porto guide tailored to creatives who love to travel (yet are never tourists), incredible tastes and appreciation for great design.


Rosa ET AL Townhouse is contemporary guesthouse co-owned and founded by brother and sister duo Emanuel and Patricia Sousa in Portugal’s second largest city, Porto. In Emanuel’s own words the interior is “a mix between old and new, a sort of curated vintage atmosphere”. ROSA ET AL is as much a lifestyle as it is a boutique hotel: a manifestation of all the travel experiences the siblings had growing up, putting on it their own stamp of hospitality as if receiving friends or travelling abroad to theirs, just on a grander scale.


Rating very highly among the most reputed travel review sites, the love reviewed is in the details. Time Out called ROSA ET AL ‘the specialist for brunch’ and indeed it is one of the specialties of the hotel. Catering to guests who like to take advantage of Porto’s evening escapades, they offer brunch all day. This mid-century designer’s confection houses a handful of thoughtfully decorated, unique suites serviced by an intuitive staff under the guidance of the siblings, who both play integral roles managing the hotel and accompanying restaurant. Speaking with Emanuel, it is easily apparent how much he enjoys his work and the joy it proffers. Creating an environment that makes people happy is a reciprocal cycle.

: What else makes your guests happy when they visit ROSA ET AL Emanuel?

EMANUEL SOUSA: “Many people like the in room spa (tip: try the Honey Milky Way Bath) and the dining experiences. But there are also the simple pleasures of waking up with the aroma of fresh coffee, just out-of-the-oven cakes, breads and croissants, and having breakfast in our garden, surrounded by a concert of birds or tasting a glass of Portuguese wine with the last touches of sun on your skin. Or it might be enjoying the sunset over Porto rooftops from your own veranda overlooking the garden.


Many guests also like the kitchen workshops and cooking classes, along with our private tours- such as the picnic bike tours, the art and architecture tours with myself, or the Douro Wine tour with Patricia. Above all, I think people love the homey atmosphere and feeling they’re among friends, with us and our staff members but also among guests.”

In upcoming issues we will be featuring more on Emanuel’s Porto- including ROSA ET AL’s interior design, restaurant and the art district in which it’s nestled, so stay tuned!

Rosa ET AL Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosaetaltownhouse/


All images are courtesy of ROSA ET AL Townhouse

This article first appeared in New Heroes & Pioneers magazine. Our friends at NHP publish a range of coffee table books in design, culture and the visual arts.

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