Design the Perfect Bedroom in 8 Steps

Your bedroom is your personal domain. It is your sanctuary. But if your sanctuary makes you cringe, you have a project on your hands. You need to redesign your room to replicate your thoughts and ideas on how you would like to see your bedroom look like. You want to wake up in the perfect bedroom: a room you like, not loathe. Therefore, it is important you write down any ideas that come to your head.

If you can’t come up with any ideas off the top of your head, you can always get design inspiration from magazines and the internet. But as you’re looking at different designs, keep these eight tips and tricks in mind. That way, you’ll end up with a bedroom you want to come home to! 



1. A Soft and Plush Rug beside Your Bed*

On the side where you sleep, place a soft and plush rug. When you wake up in the cold, wintry morning, you will not step on to a cold hardwood floor. Instead, a sheepskin or thick pile rug will greet you. Select a neutral and solid colour such as deep grey, steel, taupe, white, or dark linen (*bulldog optional).


2. Select a Bed to Base Your Theme On

Usually, the bed is the first furniture piece people choose. Once they have selected a bed, they revolve the design around it. If they already have a theme in mind, they select a bed based on it. It does really matter which you choose first; what’s important here is that you select a bed that reflects your vision for your bedroom, as the bed ties in the entire theme together.

When it comes to beds, you have an unlimited amount of options. We’ve been looking at what’s out there from our favourite sleep specialists and stores. From Feather & Black, some options to consider include their Rossetti bed (currently on sale) featuring a skilfully curved iron, white and brass powder covered steel finials, aluminium alloy castings, and a sprung slatted base. We also love the Lille bed, featuring a caned headboard with intricate carve detailing, accentuated with a subtle blue highlight, and the Juliette bedstead, in beech and pine with an upholstered headboard.

A Juliette bed from Feather & Black

If you’re on the lookout for something a little more low-key, but still a long-term purchase, the Team 7 Sesam bed from Wharfside caught our eye. It’s a solid wood bed with a classic style available with a wooden or slatted headboard. Made by Austrian craftsman, the beds are made completely without metal. The wooden joints give the beds exceptional stability and are also a nice example of how to create a healthy and sustainable living environment. Made from natural hardwoods and finished with herbal oil, the beds can be easily dismantled when moving home bringing another reason they are an investment for life. They come in a range of sizes and woods.

The Team 7 Sesam bed

3. Add Two to Six Pillows

To determine the number of pillows your bed requires, consider the size of your bed. A small bed will require less pillows and a large bed will require. In short, when you make your bed and set your pillows, your bed needs to look appealing to the eye. If you feel something just doesn’t look right, either your bed needs more or fewer pillows.

Some options include bolster cushion pads or small, square cushions pads. You can add both. For instance, place the bolster cushion pad in front of the small, square pillows. Select a fabric based on the colour of your throw.



4. Add a Seating Space

If possible, your bedroom should have another place for you or your guests to sit on (or throw their clothes on?) if they come to your room. The bed should not be the only place where people can sit. An additional seating space will have many uses such as when putting on shoes, watching TV, or browsing the internet. Consider adding a compact armchair to complement your design.

If you have a window in your bedroom or just some extra space, you could add a chaise longue or maybe an ottoman or blanket box for extra storage.

5. Place a Bookcase

You can place a bookcase in your bedroom to have your own little library. Alternative ways to use a bookcase is to add flowerpots, vases, frames, and other decorative pieces. You can also use it to increase storage space in your room. You can place a small or large bookcase, depending on the size of your bedroom.



6. Place Nightstands beside the Bed

A bedroom appears empty without nightstands. When you have a bed, your next priority should be to find nightstands complementing the bed next. You can mix and match or choose nightstands that are part of the bed. Remember, to accessorise the bedside table with books, frames, lamps, and vases.

7. Sleep Comfortably on a Mattress Topper

You want to have a nice and comfortable sleep in your newly decorated bedroom. You will need a mattress topper that will make you feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud. Since sleep is an important part of life, you have to ensure you receive a blissful sleep.

Therefore, you need to choose mattress toppers, stuffed with goose or duck feathers. You can also select a cluster fibre mattress, made with cotton. Moreover, the mattress topper also offers protection to the mattress by adding support to it.

Sienna bed from Feather & Black teamed with grey paintwork.



8. Choose the Right Wall Colour

Do you want to create a dramatic, neutral, or bright look? The wall colour you select plays an important role in creating that look. If you want to create a dramatic look, use steel grey. If you want to achieve a neutral look, lean more towards lighter shades.

If you want your bedroom to pop out, choose bright colours such as red, yellow, or orange. The wall colour needs to communicate the overall theme of your bedroom. If you pick the wrong colour, it can throw off the entire theme.

Your bedroom is one the most important rooms of your house. For this reason, you need to focus on designing and decorating your bedroom first. It will be the room you will wake up in each morning and you want to be greeted with a room you love, not one which makes your heart sink. So, use these tips and ideas to create the perfect bedroom.

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