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Our 2018 Home Design Resolutions

A new year brings the opportunity to reflect and make resolutions to improve you and your life – and now your home! Here at The Idealist we have compiled a list of design dos and don’ts for 2018 to help you enhance your surroundings and everyday life.


HIIT (with a difference)

You’ve heard of HIIT (high impact interval training), well this is HIIT for the home (high impact interval tidying). Short bursts of tidying followed by periods of active rest will help you start to sort and organise pockets of your home you have otherwise ignored or hated. Your home should be a place you love so by tackling these problem areas in small bursts at a time is an achievable way to declutter your life.

Be a conscious shopper

An increasing number of designers, manufacturers and retailers are working with sustainable and environmentally conscious products, so be a curious consumer. Find out where and how items have been made and from which materials and techniques. You can do your bit for the planet and have items in your home that look good too.

Rethink lighting

It’s time to upgrade and update the feel of your home through the power of effective lighting. Interior designers often cite lighting as being one of the most important elements of a space as it sets the tone and creates ambience in a room. From statement pieces to lightbulbs and fittings, there are many options available to help you brighten up your home.

Find your style

Make 2018 the year that you stick to your design principles and create a home that truly reflects you and your style. It can seem overwhelming seeing so many products and interior images but, here at The Idealist magazine, we carefully curate ideas, features and shopping finds to help you achieve your #interiorgoals.


Impulse buy

You’ve seen the latest must-have accessory/gadget/peice of furniture for the home but before you rush to buy these think ifit will work with your home as a whole? Take time to research what you want to achieve in a room or particular area rather than buying on impulse.

Have a chairdrobe/floordrobe

It’s time to stop over-piling clothes onto a chair that spills onto the floor. Invest in (or start using) storage that you actually want to use and you’ll see the benefits in your crease-free clothes and a tidier space.

Colour of the year

So, you’ve decided to redecorate in the lastest colour of the year? Don’t rush into making large scale commitments that are essentially a trend (as the name suggests, there will be another one next year). Research how the colour can be used and if it fits with your current colour scheme and home as a whole.

Get tempted by insta-interiors

Before you attempt to recreate a room seen on social media, remember that these are often highly stylised photos that don’t always represent reality. Use these as inspiration and starting points for your home rather than attempting the exact look.

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All photos courtesy of Unsplash and Pexels

  • Helen is a fabric designer and lives with her husband and two sons near Bath. She grew up by the sea in Cornwall and is reinventing a modern coastal look of interiors with her debut collection in a minimal graphic design inspired style. Passionate about pattern, Helen is constantly capturing images on her phone for potential design inspiration.

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